Well...there's that.

Never had such a feral reaction to a human before. Female or no. Can’t imagine
where it all went wrong. Maybe the clenching sounds of another persons vomiting. Maybe the darkness and despair of the kitchen floor. Who knows? Shirtless and prone and begging for the knife. Worrying about receiving a sharp heel to the eye, but certainly not flinching from it. Eating a vile and dead apple as if it had been given from Eve her goddamned self. It’s going to be a strange fucking week. But in the end I think it could possibly be the most successful in a long time...too long.
I have a strange feeling in my gut. It may be hope. Certainly overcast with shame. I shamed myself last night, but I was so damned happy at the same time. Savage and
uncompromising. Incoherent and ethereal. The cookie cutter facsimile of an Evil Jeremiah that has lurked in the shadows just begging to be released.

“I don’t want to fuck you!”-quote, Jeremiah Liend.

What a horrible thing to say. What a vicious lie. Or maybe it was gods honest
truth. I would have felt fine with a little kindness. But being the man I am, pity is as good as I can hope for.


Duke said…
Oof, I see we start out strong, clearly birthed from the dungeonus, but oh so familiar bowels of self loathing. It’s always unsettling when shame and triumph (or relief) go hand in hand. Perhaps you should have gone to church. They eat that shit up.

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