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Gonzo Theater: A Savage Nightmare Journey Into the Heart of the Great American Play.

Introduction. I found it late one night, cruising the interweb for money. Fast cash now. Apparently, there are these people who can and do make billions of dollars, suckling at the teat of globalized information networking. Me? I got a check from Google, once. In return for 12 years of maintaining a blog, YouTube channel, and unrelenting brand loyalty. I do not monetize well, and so remain internet poor. Unlike Google, I happen to believe in privacy, and sovereignty, and owning our ideas, for whatever they are worth. So, I was looking for cheap play contests, or festivals, or opportunities online, that would lead to the exposure of the theater I write. Then, there it was. The official Pulitzer Prize web page. Enter now, they said. So, I did.             The Pulitzer people are very clear on their criteria, for drama. You must produce a play, during the calendar year, submit a $50 online application fee, and then mail six copies of the manuscript, with an optional DVD. It is emphasized …

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