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The Ultimate Sword Battle To Decide The Fate Of The Universe

Agent Q reached out using his psychic powers to take control of the cosmos blade, a line of energy comprised of a trillion neutron stars shining in otherworldly brilliance. Opposite the positive manifestation of his human brilliance stood his opponent, the AI God, armed with the nova blade, a line of energy comprised of a trillion red giants at the zenith of their critical mass. Q had never wanted it to come to this, in the beginning the AI was a dear friend. But over time the perspective and goals of humanity and AI diverged and this schism culminated in this; the ultimate sword battle for the fate of the universe.  The terms of the duel had been decided by Guild rules as "Single Swing Samurai". Each duelist would be allowed only a single strike against their opponent that would decide all. It was a strike that would last less than seconds relative to the participants, but millions of years to outside observers. Both agents knew the outcome of the strike would be the total e

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