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Q Report: 100 Things I Would Vote For Instead of Donald Trump.

1. A soggy smelly blanket. 2. A paper bag of broken hammers. 3. A foul mouthed parrot.  4. A box of musky snakes.  5. A child with a fake beard.  6. A broken bicycle.  7. A goldfish of considerable age.  8. A good natured Arby’s worker.  9. A Girl or Boy Scout.  10. A cardboard box of old magazines.  11. A tarnished set of golf clubs.  12. A broken set of dentures.  13. A cat with a drooling issue.  14. A theoretical element. 15. A deep sea diver.  16. A boulder that can fit through doors.  17. A wooden casket.  18. A certified technician.  19. A hat with tassels.  20. A former member of the military.  21. A pile of dead leaves.  22. A crew member from any primetime show.  23. A nanny with a clear background check.  24. A UFO.  25. A shabby urn.  26. A diabetic ostrich.  27. A delicious mango.  28. A lump of gross poop.  29. A plasticized corpse.  30. A nurse.  31. A B average high school graduate.  32. A rucksack packed with moles.  33. A mischief of rats.  34. A sock filled with peanuts.  35. A pile of random sho…

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