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On Not Winning The Pulitzer Prize for Drama Three Years in a Row.

I did not win. It could be worse. I take this crippling blow to my artistic center in the spirit in which it was delivered, casually. Not caring a great deal. But, there again, I do care some. I care enough to write this overlong production note/query. Because my fear, and anger, and reason for writing this, is that there may be certain rules to winning a Pulitzer Prize that are unspoken? Certain rules that exist, within the overall secretive process, that could mean that I never win? But, who even cares? You ask? What those crass assholes think? Well, it’s the $50 application fee, that sticks in my craw. Why take the $50, if you are not even going to read the play? If it has no chance? Is that not simply stealing? It isn’t gambling at that point, because you can’t win. The house always wins, in the end, but it does so by giving the player a chance. No matter how slim. To win. In games where the odds are relatively even it is a matter of coupling skill and luck, and knowing when to wa…

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