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The Death of Communication

All of these posts are an effort in communication. I have a worldview cultivated over a lifetime of being presented with information and engaging with that material on whatever platform. So many industries have collapsed during my relatively short existence. Print media, broadcast media, internet blogging, all thrown on the ash heap of history along with hula hoops, leaded gasoline, and basic decency. Across all of those efforts, across all of those mediums, across all of those professionals and artists, generating this content, we are all of us participating in this thing we call Mass Communication. But here we are, barely into the 21st century, and all of the communication has collapsed. Communication has been removed in lieu of engagement. What is engagement? Pushing buttons. Maybe it's a little thumb, or heart, or smiley face. Maybe it's an arrow, or a circular box, or sharing your worthless opinion in the comments? The comments are not communication, they are community sou

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