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Q Report; Donald and Jim ∞

Don undid his top button and allowed his throat to pulsate out of his tie.  “Oh Don, why did you wear that on a picnic?” asked Jim Jordan (representative [Ohio]) “Well, I didn’t know we were going on a picnic.” Said Donald Trump (45th POTUS) “It was all such a nice surprise. You’ve gotten all the things I like.” On the gingham blanket was arrayed three basket loads of Arby’s, McDonald’s, and Wendy’s, artfully arranged among fresh fruit and Dove bars.  “Why the fruit?” asked Don. “I thought we could feed it to the squirrels.” explained Jim.  Don laughed and threw his head back. With the thin sheen of sweat his throat was really pulsing now, full, pinkish orange, and veiny. A sunset by Cronenberg. Don had a weird thought. “My Gods, how did you know we were going to have a picnic?” he asked. Jim laughed, and rolled over on his stomach. “Don, you’re my bestest friend in the world,” he said. The two laid with their backs to the lake and their hands beneath them as they watched the afternoon

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