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Beltrami County Board Meeting 1/21/2020

My name is Jeremiah Liend, I live in Turtle River. I am speaking before you for two reasons, the first urging the board to consider the impacts of their votes to disallow refugee resettlement, and the second to demand greater civility and accountability. I speak to these matters as a resident of Beltrami County and with a passion to create a more sustainable community, county, and world. I could show you the research that supports why your vote to disallow refugee settlement will have both short and long term negative impacts. A county that relies on tourism, international students, and professionals should at least appear welcoming. I could share with you the policies that show how no refugees would be capable of being resettled here, even if you did vote to allow it. I could show you the numbers which show that statistically refugees have a positive impact on local economies, or how their resettlement is funded by federal, not county dollars. I could draw you a map, and show where a…

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