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Q Report; To Every Idiot Trump Supporter I Don’t Have Time For.

You can’t really fault Trump, for being Trump. Like a cockroach or cobra, Trump didn’t have a choice in being born the thing he is. Oh, there have certainly been some poor choices made along the way. For instance, maybe if he didn’t eat 10 bags of Arby’s and/or McDonald’s daily he wouldn’t be AS morbidly obese? Who am I to speculate on that? Beyond that, it is not what we are here for. No, Donald Trump is a dumb ugly slut, certainly. But it’s the groveling simpletons who support him, who are the real human effluence.

Like lampreys sucking off a diabetic whale, Trump fans truly are the lowest life form. He is a dumb person’s idea of intelligent, a weak person’s idea of strong, and a fat person’s idea of healthy. What a sad, ignorant, overfed pack of robot collaborators. I often wonder what sort of an impenetrable information barrier must have been erected, to block reasonable people from the truth of Trump. Because the truth is, Trump is an orange trash bag filled to bursting with hot…

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