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The Pulitzer Trilogy Challenge.

The Pulitzer Trilogy Challenge: Details.

The Pulitzer Trilogy is a collection of three plays written, produced, directed, and submitted for the Pulitzer Prize for Drama by Jeremiah Liend in the years 2015, 2016, and 2017. The collected run time for these three productions is 5 hours 14 minutes and 49 seconds. To date and at launch, no one has successfully completed the parameters of the challenge, as the creator of the collected work assembled them, but did not review the material in totality and without interruption. In order to complete the challenge you must either record yourself watching the complete work or have yourself duly witnessed as watching the entirety of work from beginning to end without interruption or intermission. Participants can act as witnesses to one another. Those successfully completing the challenge may comment on this post with either their recorded video evidence link, or their name and witness willing to confirm the viewing. Once confirmed, those who compl…

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