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Q Report; Liend 2022

To: Global Press, Agents, Anons, Et. All From: Q [K00] Re: Liend 2022 11/5/3032 Hello All,  Before beginning this incredibly important (although ultimately boring) timephone report, I have to insist that you pay attention. Right now you’re probably doing something else. Probably at least one other thing? Perhaps more. Pooping with your phone is at least two things and that’s without listening to music. OK OK. That’s the one other thing you can do. You can put on some driving music if you want. Like, music that will make you want to read, not music listened to while driving. Like Sinnerman by Nina Simone. What a great song. You have to pay attention, is the thing. Most people don’t make it past the first paragraph on these reports before doing other things. It is how we have remained consistently below the radar of global intelligence and literary agents for over a century. The key to being the greatest secret agent in history is simply this; bore them to tears and they will leave you a

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