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Q Report: On Not Endorsing Joe Biden.

I will not endorse Joe Biden this year. I will vote for him, certainly. Of course I will vote for him, over Donald Trump. It will break an oath I made to myself, to never to vote for someone who allowed us to invade Iraq. Who voted to put our best and brightest in harm’s way on a mission that could never be accomplished, with goals unclear, and without an existing exit strategy. That is a single issue, and I do not vote according to any one issue in my analysis. Not anymore. Complex problems require equally complex solutions and solutions require comprehensive analysis. It allows us to expand our perception and understanding beyond our lonely view. They keyhole through which we witness this weird reality.

Is Joe Biden a rapist? I don’t know. Is Donald Trump a rapist? I don’t know. Neither person to my knowledge has been tried and convicted of rape. But in a comparison of both records and the publically available evidence let me say that Biden may have raped a woman. There is an accoun…

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