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Q Report; Dearest Joseph Pulitzer

Dearest Joseph Pulitzer,

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to you from the future, where you are quite dead. As disco. As a donkey. Who is dead. I was compelled to think about the structures and development of the prizes named for you and thought that a more meaningful and lasting means of collecting my thoughts could be the written word. So, here we are. Just you, me, and the dozen or so robots that frequent my online writing. I guess my main beef is with the Pulitzer Prize for Drama, so we will focus on that.

What an impossible Godsdamned category of writing. As if writing a Pulitzer Prize winning novel was easy? But no, write it as a script, and then see that script is produced (for reals produced on Broadway) and for absolute really reals spending millions of dollars. Also, if  you have not spend a quarter of a million dollars on your education, you may as well mail your materials to the nearest incinerator. Let some poor saps in the backwoods get some energy from y…

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