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English Nonsense Abridged

2 - 22 - 2020

Out Of The Hat 2020:

Setting: The African Jungle

First line: And that’s why we use the Oxford Comma!

Object: Mr. Potatohead

Cast of Characters:

Bunburry P. Bunburry: An aged and broken British aristocrat/con man/cannibal.

Marcus A. Hiragana II: A middle aged slacker/artist/junkie.

Annabelle X. Hiragana: A middle aged musician/postmodernist/badass.

[Notes: Everyone should have notebooks with their scripts in it, because they are in class. Everyone should have a chair. Bunburry needs a ruler.]

[Scene: The African Jungle, 2400 CE. A makeshift classroom has been assembled and professor Bunburry is giving his Survival Lesson Of The Day.]

 Bunburry. And THAT’S why we use the Oxford Comma.

 Marcus. BORING!!!

 Bunburry. Shut up! YOU’RE boring. You boring ingrate. Your rich dead parents (Gods rest them) didn’t pay me enough to keep you alive AND tolerate your constant complaining. Just quit it. None of us like to hear about it.

 Annabelle. Can we please hurry this up? These insec…

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