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The P.A.P.P.i.D. Plea.

Hello All,

    It's me, Jeremiah Liend. Look, I've got this kickstarter, dig? I'm trying to crowdfund this play that I wrote. It is the third play in as many years that I have created, after determining to create a new play every year in order to submit something to the Pulitzer Prize board. It's a $50 application, you see? You send in copies of your manuscript, and an optional DVD, and according to the one person who has ever responded to my queries, the board looks entirely at the script, in order to determine their prize winner. The exact details of the process are apparently shrouded in secrecy, and this secrecy mentioned in response to a question set my mind spinning in a certain way.

    Although my first successful Kickstarter after 6 consecutive unsuccessful attempts, I thought producing 21st Century Play was going to kill me. It took years off of my life, and lost me enough money to make me feel bad about myself as an artist, student, and parent for some time…

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