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Make Me Your Timelord For Life, Shadow POTUS Trump

Shadow POTUS Trump,  It has been a long and lonely time, waiting for your reply to my previous offer. Such that I am once again compelled to transmit a public request for an undeniably required position: Time Lord For Life. As your Timelord For Life, I would make it my solemn duty to rescue, preserve, and sustain life through Total Time Tactics, precognitive mitigation, and the just application of Time Prison. My ultimate aim would be to make every human on Earth a Timelord For Life. I would make every Earth a planet of Timelords For Life, the planet of Timelords For Life. I would make it so that life is preserved for as long as possible. I have had the same offer twice before, but this time will be a different. In the first time, I offered to act as Space Admiral For Life, but failed due to a lack of resources (clicks/like/shares). Then I came back the next day with a plan to change into the Timelord For Life but was killed in an earthquake that day. In the third time I have tried to

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