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Clear the moon. We are free to drop. I'm going to be entirely honest with you. I've taken a compound you are certainly familiar with. Which I would rather not mention specifically. But which has connected me onto the third rail of existence.  Of the many incoherent things I could forward to you, I just want to say that I appreciate you, and your efforts. Let us begin at this place of shared, earnest wonder and move forward as one.  The shamans and druids of old, who would imbibe their mushrooms and cacti, and howl at the moon and stars, before clawing back from that place wisdom and perception are gone from this age. What we are left with are beings of energy and light, communicating through devices incapable of truly transmitting those essences.  There are certainly people who should not do hard drugs. Their frail and unmolded minds crack at the first attempts to bend perception outside their understanding. But there are others who can transcend that bridge. To stand bathed in

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