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A Swashbucklers Guide To Sword Buying.

Hello Michael,

    As I considered your questions regarding the modern sword market place I realized that a larger population could be served by sharing and relating my experiences in a public forum. To relate my earliest experiences, I attempted to create swords begining in my youth, to varying degrees of success. I bought my first cheap sword at the age of 18 at Chewie's in the Paul Bunyan Mall. It was a leather wrapped katana currently possessed by my brother, referred fondly to as the Blade of Liend. It is rusty, and it is old, but it could still ruin someone's day if you hit them in the face with it. Really that's the benchmark you should consider, when purchasing a sword. If I hit someone in the face with this, will it hurt and/or kill them? The answer with most swords is yes. So. Moving forward let me offer some parameters and theory around my endorsements.

    If you are training with a sword there are two basic means of training, individually or with a partner. If…

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