NY NY It's a hell of a town.

Becuase it's so fucking hot. Hot I tell you. It's been a strange and delightfull week. Painfull, joyous, a retreat to another home. i have partied, consoled, shared, and entrenched myself in an introspective cave of vast proportions. Resolutions have been made...lists have been formed. I will not deny that the road ahead will be difficult, but I am locked into the hell train, and there is a smile on my face.


Chaos Cowboy said…
Ride the snake, dude, ride the snake.
Warchief said…
Dude - definitely don't "Ride the Snake."
Duke said…
Yes! Of course! Thank YOU, sir, for contributing to the best birthday of my (then) 25 years of existence. Though all I have is the memory that it did indeed happen and the Loose Cannons were indeed together again.

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