George W. Bush is a complete tool.

This is not to be witty, or fun, or spitefull. Hatefull? Sure. Righteous? I think so. I just have to get it off my chest is all. There are a lot of people out there who would use fancy statistics and socio-political models and staggering numbers and things of that nature to make you look like a tool and a villian. They would be verbose, informed, and consise. I've got trash talk. It's not the best argument, but it's certainly the most satisfying.
George. You need to stop trying to run the country and start praying. Because Jesus? Although he loves you, he's very disapointed in you. George, you've been a very bad human. You've started a war. Oh I know, I know, YOU didn't start the war, the war came to us. But that's a lie George. They were all Saudi's George. Saudi Arabians. But that doesn't matter either George, becuase no matter who it was, we've got to turn the other cheek.
When I hear the religious preaching about respect for life I have to ask myself, at what point did God say we should go to war? At what point does God say it's alright to kill? Every true Christian should place their gun in the ground and swear never to take a life. That's an easy promise to make.
But you George? You thought it would be fun.
"I'm a war-time president."...oh George. My experience, and success, playing "Risk: The Game of Global Domination" gives me a better chance at being a "War-Time President".
They won George. They wanted to kill us not so we would all roll over and die, but because it would make every American suspicious and frightened. And you've helped them George!! We all pretty much hate each other now. Republicans VS. Democrats has polarized our political system to the point where nothing will ever get done.
So this election, I can't vote against you. But I am sure as hell going to burn you in effigy. I will never burn a flag becuase I am a patriot. But I'll burn a Bush just to see you burn. To see your final destination. And there's not a damned thing you can do to stop me, unless you can convince me you've seen the light...and you don't answer your mail.


QP Quaddle said…
Wow. How did this post slip past me? Zak, you be a crazy dude.
Duke said…
I wanted to find it amusing that a commenter proved you wrong, but jesus dude. Is that shit really in the bible? That’s a pretty effed up book. …sigh.
Anonymous said…
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QP Quaddle said…
Thanks, German Binary Dude! Carry on!

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