Never Never Land Foreclosure.

Stick me in my box. Give me the 9 to 5 like a sweet prescription. Point me to the rungs so I can start my climb. Let me fill my soul with 401K. Give me deductibles and premiums and compound monthly interest. Let my wardrobe and hair define me. Give me a 24 hour gym membership and a dental plan that works for me. Let my adventure come from Blockbuster. Give me reality TV as recorded by my TIVO. I want to lease myself to the highest bidder. I want a car, no no, a truck that tells people I’m successful and powerful. Give me a light beer before I go to bed promptly at 9. I want boring sex and moderate drinking. I will believe your news stories. I will become a republican and donate to the NRA. I want my life defined by two weeks of paid vacation and 5% annual raises. I am ready to conform. Send the men in suits to give me my assignment. Give me my drone uniform and my 2.5 children. The dreaming is too much and now I just want to sleep.


Duke said…
Stop that. Stop it now. Connecticut is full.

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