Going Around the Horn, Dracula at Dawn.

The bluish hues of morning creep slowly on the horizon,
My bed friends Hewlet Packard, and Folgers, and Verizon.
I’ve not seen the sun rise for a good fortnight or more,
What has this day to give me? What is within its store?

The birds begin their morning songs as sky begins to light,
To flight the birds are singing to me that have slept away the night.
I fear the dawn and what it brings, tomorrow has arrived,
The vigil met with digital aid, fasted, prayed, and shrived.

The breeze blows cold through naked branch this morning revelry,
The light is dim, so very dim, I find it hard to see.
Vampiric hours I have attended for what seems a thousand years,
Through countless joys, terrors, hates. Through laughter, and past tears.

The sun is cresting now I see so far away to the East,
A cruel and resurrecting orb. A brilliant burdening beast.
Today shall be a victory for the good and right and true.
My hopes are high my spirit aimed at skies of morning blue.


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