Jeremiah Turns 30 Wish List.

Happy Birthday To ME!!! Oh man. It’s close now. I’m going to divine some serious fortune on this one. Gonna burn the solstice up. It hits a little after 6 AM. There is so little darkness any longer. So. I get a lot of people asking me; Jeremiah, what do you want for your birthday? But actually that is not true. Because I don’t talk to many people any more. It’s a strange question. Like? “What would I like?” It’s more about what a person needs. And the things someone needs and the things people want are very different in nature. This is where the wish comes in. Everyone gets 1 birthday wish, but I’m still not flying, rich, or expelling diamonds as sweat. Instead I have other things that are quite nice. My fine Lady Ruth E. Baker. So many friends and family. Have to be about a 1,000 people out there I’m met. Some I know. Most I love. I have a roof over my head, and people offering their roofs to me. I have food. And warmth. We’re already climbing Maslow’s Pyramid like mountaineers. But what would I WISH for?

World Peace.
Oil Change.
Teraflop Digital Storage Device.
Powerful Digital Camera.
500 Swords and Knives. [100 each of Katana, Rapier, Broadsword, Dagger, Zweihander]
A Master Plan.
Unlosable Shruiken.
Chocolate Pudding Hot Tub.
Megawatt Turbines.
Kilowatt Solar Panels.
3,000,000^3 Helium.
Everyone’s Old Yard Signs.
[40] 40’ x 8’ x 40’ Cargo Containers.
Acetylene torch with long hose.
Several Barges.
The Most Powerful Phone In the World.
All Derelict Oil Tankers.
A College Education.
The Space Pyramid.
5,270,000 “Mightier Than The Sword” Pens.
A Raven.
A Crane [Equipment, not bird.].
Small Castle.
12 Unlosable Arrows.
The Cure for All Diseases.
An Ice Cream Machine in Every Room on The Planet.
An Engineer.
Several Engineers.
Everyone Wins The Lottery.

OK. That’s a good list I think. Just gonna toss this into the universe and see what happens.


Kultmagick said…
I especially like An Ice Cream Machine in Every Room on The Planet.

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