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Most of you will find that this blog typically avoids first person testimonials. Or dialogues… one way as they may be. This is because NFtA is not a typical blog, I guess. It isn’t really a journal as much as  a repository for the fantastic and spiteful. I don’t know why I put the things on here that I do. To be fair, I have gotten a fair amount of traffic over the years. Mostly from porn bots. And if you don’t know what a porn bot is, I can’t help you.

But listen, I got this check at the end of the year from Amazon, and it may very well be revenue from web traffic. Maybe? It may also be my cut from one of the few ebooks that I have published and no one has cared to purchase and/or read. And that is fine. About no one reading my things. I doubt very much, if the positions were reversed, that I would be reading whatever you happened to have poured your heart and soul into. Not because I don’t care, but because I have so little time. The amount was $2.35. Which seems like a strange amount to bother with. But. Now I can buy that soda I've always wanted. 

We all have so little time. On this blue marble. Blasting through the infinity of space like an obsessive cannon ball. We are just trying to stay on, at this point. Stay above the ground and keep in food and shelter. We all have successes and failures to varying degrees. It is rough out there, kids. Still. The fact that the stock market is blowing through the glass ceiling does not make me happy. It does not stop my family from being foreclosed on. Doesn’t stop the family and friends from losing their homes in the last few years, when times are tough and there simply is not enough money, even for those working hard, to make ends meet.

But this post isn't about that. This post is not about the past. It is about the future. As it always has been. Because we can’t look back in anger. Because we will just live angry lives, in that event. This post is to inform you that we, here in the lab, are going to do our level best to keep dumping digital trash onto this heap, and in greater numbers. Looking at the last 8 years or so I have maintained this blog, there are a variety of interesting and terrible things. Jeremiads. Cries for help. Plays that no one has, or probably ever will, perform. In the face of such failure, our only choice can be to redouble our efforts, and dump even more crap on the flaming pile. It is my humble goal to post at least twice a month with whatever. So. That’s it. That is the function of this post. Carry on. 

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