Q Report: On Not Endorsing Joe Biden.

I will not endorse Joe Biden this year. I will vote for him, certainly. Of course I will vote for him, over Donald Trump. It will break an oath I made to myself, to never to vote for someone who allowed us to invade Iraq. Who voted to put our best and brightest in harm’s way on a mission that could never be accomplished, with goals unclear, and without an existing exit strategy. That is a single issue, and I do not vote according to any one issue in my analysis. Not anymore. Complex problems require equally complex solutions and solutions require comprehensive analysis. It allows us to expand our perception and understanding beyond our lonely view. They keyhole through which we witness this weird reality.

Is Joe Biden a rapist? I don’t know. Is Donald Trump a rapist? I don’t know. Neither person to my knowledge has been tried and convicted of rape. But in a comparison of both records and the publically available evidence let me say that Biden may have raped a woman. There is an account that has not been officially investigated. I hope that it is and that it can be determined. He certainly enjoys sniffing hair. Donald Trump is named next to Jefferey Epstein in court documents that allege they mutually raped a restrained and drugged minor girl. I hope and pray that is not true. That it is a piece of misinformation without any validity or merit. The Precautionary Principle would seem to have something to say. I have seen it called ‘the lesser of two rapists’ and it is a tragic commentary on the continued toxicity and pervasiveness of rape culture, the patriarchy, and gender inequality perpetual. I understand. It hurts me too. But, I will not write in Bernie, or vote for a third party, or not show up, and not vote for Joe Biden, and allow Trump to implode the whole of government from within for another four years. Not if I can stop it. Not if we can.

Don’t think of it as voting for Joe, think of it as stabbing Trump in the heart with votes 70,000,000 times. If those were for reals knives, that would be 69,999,977 times more than Cesar. In votes it would put Biden above Obama, as the most votes received of anyone ever in the history of this nation. Think about how that hideous manbaby will weep tears of blood as the numbers roll in. If that’s what you need. If that sense of hatred and catharsis will get you to the polls then dig deep inside of you and ride it. You have seen what he has said, you have understood what he can do, and if you have not and do not then shame on you. Shame on you for keeping your head in the sand while everything burned. The consequences could not be greater, the choice could not be clearer, and the dangers inherent to our inaction or lack of resolve are legion.

Or, to put that in an entirely different way? If you truly like Trump, vote for Biden. Maybe when you look at Trump, past the bravado, the stumbles, and the flaws, and you see an honest man? You see a simple man struggling to succeed, failing to unite the nation in the way that it deserves, at a time we need it most. In that case send that man home. He will not know that you did it. He has done enough. Let him go home and be with his children. Let them enjoy the next four years in the comfort of real retirement and surrounded by the love and support of family and friends. Let him golf from dawn till dusk on any day it does not rain. Set him free from this terrible burden. Destroy the trap in which he finds himself. With an open heart and mind, a vote for Joe Biden is a mercy to Donald Trump, not an indictment. It is an off-ramp from untold daily stresses, shocks, and pains. I would not wish that burden on by greatest enemy and I do not wish it on him.

If you should read this, Mr. President, on some lonely night know this: I am not your enemy. I want you to succeed. Members of both parties want you to succeed. Those without affiliation want you to succeed. The whole world wants you to succeed. But I do not believe that you have been given the opportunities and tools required for you to accomplish those goals. I worry that you have failed in perhaps the most important task demanded of the executive in chief: representing all of the United States. No matter their party or affiliation. No matter how they earn their money. No matter the name to which they call God, or if they have no God at all. I have watched you so many times, hoping, wishing, and praying to every God on the books that you would rise above my expectations. That you would open up your heart and surprise me as a leader. That is my challenge to you now.

Mr. President I have an off-ramp for you. A means of immediately easing the burden on you and so many. It is to announce your resignation. While your party can still hold a primary. While the economy remains stable. Before it is too late. If you were to do this for me, and the planet, I offer you a precious gift. I believe that there are words that the nation should hear. That they need to hear. That they deserve to hear. I believe the world needs to hear them too. Words of healing, and unity, and peace. In spirit of transcendent hope I am offering you a Farewell Address. A piece made for you and for the world, to shine as a light in these dark times. A piece of breathtaking scope, vision, and purpose. I want to give you these words and I want you to read them. I want you to make them your own. I want you to believe them. I want you to understand that they may not be the truth you understand, but are part of a greater truth to whom we must subsume our interests, our pursuits, and our very lives. That the struggle for true and lasting equality, liberty, and justice within our time, and for our world, shall not perish from this miraculous Earth. It is a duty far greater and more important than the life or story of any one person.


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