Q Report: 100 Things I Would Vote For Instead of Donald Trump.

1. A soggy smelly blanket. 
2. A paper bag of broken hammers. 
3. A foul mouthed parrot. 
4. A box of musky snakes. 
5. A child with a fake beard. 
6. A broken bicycle. 
7. A goldfish of considerable age. 
8. A good natured Arby’s worker. 
9. A Girl or Boy Scout. 
10. A cardboard box of old magazines. 
11. A tarnished set of golf clubs. 
12. A broken set of dentures. 
13. A cat with a drooling issue. 
14. A theoretical element.
15. A deep sea diver. 
16. A boulder that can fit through doors. 
17. A wooden casket. 
18. A certified technician. 
19. A hat with tassels. 
20. A former member of the military. 
21. A pile of dead leaves. 
22. A crew member from any primetime show. 
23. A nanny with a clear background check. 
24. A UFO. 
25. A shabby urn. 
26. A diabetic ostrich. 
27. A delicious mango. 
28. A lump of gross poop. 
29. A plasticized corpse. 
30. A nurse. 
31. A B average high school graduate. 
32. A rucksack packed with moles. 
33. A mischief of rats. 
34. A sock filled with peanuts. 
35. A pile of random shoes. 
36. A goose. 
37. A flatulent donkey or ass. 
38. A tiger cub. 
39. A splintery baseball bat. 
40. A tank of hydrochloric acid. 
41. A rusted Pontiac 6000. 
42. A tote of molded seasonal decorations. 
43. A tourist trap. 
44. A bag half full of wet sawdust.
45. A mismatched table and chair set. 
46. A can of rusted nails. 
47. A quiver of elderly asps. 
48. A different reality TV star. 
49. A Beatles album. 
50. A few teeth. 
51. A cigar box of broken crayons. 
52. A dog of any breed. 
53. A fake leather wallet. 
54. A tube television set. 
55. A 10 pound ham. 
56. A book of pictures. 
57. A computer from the ‘80s. 
58. A retired boxer. 
59. A cabinet with old clothes in it. 
60. A basket of urine soaked bedding. 
61. A chair with wheels. 
62. A chair without wheels. 
63. A janitor at NASA. 
64. A collection of Conway Twitty cassette tapes. 
65. A druid. 
66. A jagged pawn shop sword. 
67. A coffee soaked notebook. 
68. A COVID infected bat. 
69. A phonebook from Minnesota. 
70. A hand bell set. 
71. A fake Christmas tree. 
72. A torn trash bag. 
73. A deer with ticks. 
74. A dancer from a Carnival cruise liner. 
75. A framed poster of Chadwick Boseman. 
76. A lake. 
77. A rubber pool with holes in it. 
78. A dead kangaroo. 
79. A pressure treated fence post. 
80. A person who can hold down a job. 
81. A beanbag stuffed with dirty hair. 
82. A cracked plate. 
83. A frayed neck tie. 
84. A cow covered in feces. 
85. A bust of Shakespeare. 
86. A ball of twine. 
87. A monogrammed towel. 
88. A comedy joke. 
89. A corpulent swine. 
90. A bottle of mouthwash. 
91. A flare pistol.
92. A lithograph of Geronimo. 
93. A nest of wasps. 
94. A soiled rug. 
95. A book about chickens. 
96. A sour pineapple. 
97. A Japanese peace lily. 
98. A repugnant horse. 
99. A toupee. 
100. A Joe Biden.


QP Quaddle said…
Thanks so much, Bill! Nice to see a human on here once in a while.
Anonymous said…
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