The Last Good Thing On The Internet.


Well, here we are. Just you, me, and the last good thing on the internet. It took you a while to find us, but that’s OK. The internet is a super confusing and difficult place most days. If you look at media research about the internet the thing that might amaze you is how little planning actually went into connecting everyone on the globe to an accessible network. To be clear, we are not there yet. I’m sure this post isn’t going to be read a lot in Nairobi, or the Sudan, and that’s OK, too. Those people have bigger stuff to deal with, than finding yucks on the internet.

This is just for yucks. The last good thing on the internet isn’t the last great thing on the internet. We haven’t been sitting on any revelatory information that will unlock your body, mind, and spirit as a unified whole. We have certainly been trying for that (over these many years) but it is as most things, a work in progress. If we can harvest a cheap laugh, from this moving around of electrons? That is itself a kind of miracle. A spark of hope that we could use this internet, for some good, if we could all just stop hating one another and masturbating. Imagine if we could take the finance and energy of internet impulse buying, for but one day, and just buy enough water for the millions of people without it for the year? Microplastics aside, that would be great, but we are just here to set the bar at good and lower.

Here are a few really good things about this post; it’s short, it’s easy to read, and it isn’t pushing anything. These things aren’t just shared around, anymore, as available copy. I’ve got to be trying to get your age, location, and CashApp information. No no. We’re good. Don’t you worry, about your gingivitis, or life insurance, or crushing ennui. Let that go into this wide open universe and think of it no more. The only reason for creating this post and sharing it on the internet is the earnest hope that it improves your life to any degree. If we’re moving the needle, then we’re moving it forward, into that bright new future. Take care, good luck, and MacBeth.



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