Biden SEAL Team 6s Trump

Biden commanded the mission to apprehend and/or assassinate Trump. He thought it was the only honorable thing to do and they even added a tactical ramp to the Blackhawk to make it more accessible for him. He still got on all the gear to look cool, and for photos, but it was largely for show. The operators in theater would be the SEALs, he was just along to make it official. 

An Official Act. 

Within an hour of dust off they were hovering over Mar a Lago, peering down at Trump on his fairway through high powered scopes. After a lot of noise and choice words from the groundskeeper, the team was on the ground and had Trump in custody and at their pleasure. 

"Here's the deal, buddy," explained Biden, "I'm a fair man, so we're going to golf this awful course for your life. I've got Baker team on hole 18, digging you a shallow grave, but if you can come in under par with a 6 handicap I will personally commute your death sentence to life in Gitmo. Hell, we've still got Taliban in there from '01, so no one will come looking for you, but it's better than being unceremoniously dumped in a hole in this lousy club."

Trump didn't like the mean words, but had little room to negotiate. 

"OK, crooked Joe, but here's my counter offer, if I come in under par WITHOUT the handicap, we gun duel on hole 18 for the office of president." said Trump, never losing eye contact.

Joe spit on the ground and smiled. 

"OK, Trump. You've got a deal. I'll make an Official Act out of it." said Biden, and they shook hands on it.

"And what about golfing for my life?" asked Trump, "I don't think we're going to make the 18 holes before the day is up."

"No worries, we've got Charlie team digging a couple more shallow graves in the sand traps along the way, too." 

That was an official act of the President as well, the first of his new forever term. 

But now they were going to golf. 

Trump did alright, considering he hadn't had much practice. He also golfed through a very high level of stress, which the team of psychologists said they could not have anticipated would have any affect at all on Trump. Still, he was only able to come in at 4 over par, which the team noted was very good for an old white man who would soon be dead. 

Biden, who had the time to practice a little at Camp David but not very much, did the best he could and it wasn't terrible. His best shot was an eagle off the tee, and his final round was -1. 

Trump could not understand how Biden could shoot that score. 

"This is a sham, Biden. You've got some undercover SEALs helping you, I just know it." Trump tried to accuse Biden of cheating.

"No, I just cheated better." said Biden.

They moved on to the duel, which was going to be an 18 hole rematch, with the exception of hole 18. Hole 18, which would now be the end of the match, was the final, ultimate test, as it featured Baker team digging an extra shallow grave with the 75-millimeter gun. The first player who lost a hole would be immediately executed. 

Biden got up to the tee first. 

"Here's the deal, Trump, if you lose this hole, we're going to bury you in a shallow grave right over there with the rest of them. You got that, you loser?" 

Trump did not like to be called a loser, especially to his face, so he got up to tee. 

"I didn't go to Camp David and cheat on my wife by practicing." Trump started the round by putting a nice drive down the middle of the fairway. It was actually an eagle, but Trump was too embarrassed to admit it.

"You did it again, Biden! Cheated, I tell you. I bet you're cheating on your wife now with a SEAL Team 6." 

Trump was right. Biden's affair with team was pretty scandalous, but he thought it might get overlooked, like everything else. The affair came out publicly a year later when the SEALs told the media that Biden always said he wanted to be like them, only he always wanted to "be a SEAL but live like a SEAL." 

But now they had to play. And Biden did not miss the cup. Not in this, his last game of golf as President, where he was a very good and lucky golfer. He was not about to miss. 

But Biden did miss. He missed the cup by a mile and the ball fell out of the sky right into the grave Baker team had prepared. It was clear that even if he had hit the cup, Trump would not have won, either. He probably would have fallen right into the grave, anyway. Biden's ball bounced right out of the grave and into the cup, and Trump looked down and realized he had no choice but to accept the final grave.

Trump did not die that day, instead he and the SEAL team were air lifted out by helicopter back to the black site in Gitmo. 

Biden played one final hole in the dark, before retiring to the helicopter. Baker team gave him the dirt they dug up as a souvenir. 

"Godspeed, Baker team." said Biden.

Biden would later be sued by the estate of Baker team, which was not covered by Tricare or the government, as Baker team was dishonorably discharged before their court martial in 2033.

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