Begged Borrowed and Stolen; Notes From a Renegade Northwoods Producer.

Dearest Guests,

I will be the first to admit that I am in the relative infancy of my producing career. I've been, for a very long time, an actor and nothing more. I have dabbled in directing and enjoyed it, but directing gigs are not as lucrative as I would like. But producing? To pick a show, cast it, build it from nothing into theater magic? That's the ticket. To that end, prompted by frustration perpetual over never having enough control, I quit my job of three years and decided to follow my dreams of making a success out of myself by creating amazing theater.

I did not start out, as most producers do, with the most vital element of any show; money. In most respects I am not a rich man. Rich in friends? Oh yes. Rich in family? Certainly. Rich in talent? I can make the argument. Rich in currency? No. Big no on that one. Producing is a hobby for the idle rich, or the passion of a few elite renegades. I prefer the latter. As a result my tactics of producing are brutal, inventive, and cunning in turns. Have I figured everything out? Not even close. I've got the pieces on the floor and am reading the instructions in Japanese.

Thus far I have yet to make my financial return goals which involve dozens and dozens of dollars. Mostly I go in the hole. Which is distressing. But I'm still trying. Which is good. Conveniently since I have no real means there's relatively little that can be taken from me asside from organs and pride. I've got pride to spare.

"The Importance of Being Earnest" has been a labor of love. It was my hope that if I got enough high-caliber acting/directing talent in the same room there would be a threshold dynamic that would push a good show into the fantastical. My hypothesis has been realized and the show that has been born is a dread example of how renegade theater can go toe to toe with "professional" any day of the week. It is my hope that you enjoy this performance as much as I've enjoyed bringing it to you. Look to the horizon and you will see my next production looming. I look forward to seeing you there.


Jeremiah Liend


Duke said…
Never let them see you bleed.

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