Old West Timberlake

Why will Justin Timberlake not fight me? Because to Justin I do not exist. I am but a flea to the animal he has become. Despite the fact that I am loved by hundreds I am nothing to him. I am digital flotsam. I am the infinite chatter that blows forever on the vast field of his cyber-realm. I represent the moral inequity he so desperately ignores.

Why fight him? Why fight them? Revolution. The belief that an evenings entertainment is something more than a digit. Spend the money you would spend on music and merchandise on instruments and lessons and we would lead our way into an artisan revolt. Spend the evening at the coffee shop instead of alone in your room, attempting as best you can to bring sexy back.

Fight me Justin Timberlake. If for no better reason than to feel truly alive for once in your miserable life. Waves of females, flashes of camera's, endless recording and purchasing and interviews and parties. I will stand waiting for you. Sword in hand. Song in heart. I crave your blood only slightly less than you do. Life is not the gossamer and broadcast glamour you take it to be. Still I wait to remind you of blood and bone and steel and truth.


Duke said…
You’ve got some issues my friend. And I’m starting to think you’d rather f$%# Timberlake than fight him.

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