Personal Philosophy from The Richest Man.

When I left for New York City in the fall of 99 my Grandmother Beulah gave me a small piece of paper to place in my wallet. It was The Optimist Creed and at first I thought it was just a piece of something. I don't know how many dollars floated in and out of that wallet. It's a brown leather job that Grandpa had stuffed in his drawer. Once in a blue moon I bet it was kissed by a hundred. Maybe when I was working at Domino's. When you break $100 it's something to celebrate. I remember Clint asking if I wanted it, and for a man like me the opportunity to fondle a $100 doesn't come every day.

The money has come and gone. I try to always keep a picture of my brothers. I don't have a family photo, which is shameful, but believe me when I tell you that a picture of my total family would have to be taken from a very tall ladder indeed. Add to that my friends who I love as family and the picture grows larger still. Add to it the associates and allies and people who hate me but I don't mind and I cannot even begin a list. The list would be too long and the people too many. I would need a much larger wallet, that's for certain. In that I am made rich. The time between 99 and now seems like a thousand years. I have lived a thousand years within ten and there again I am rich. When I left for NYC with cash in my pocket and hope in my heart my Grandmother Beulah gave me a piece of paper and this is what it says;

The Optimist Creed.

Promise Yourself-

To be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind. To talk health, happiness and prosperity to everyone you meet. To make all your friends feel that there is something in them. To look at the sunny side of everything and make you optimism come true. To think only of the best, to work only for the best, and expect only the best. TO be just as enthusiastic about the success of others as you are about your own. To forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements of the future. To wear a cheerful countenance at all times and give every living creature you meet a smile. To give so much time to the improvement of yourself you never have time to criticize others. To be too large for woe, too noble for anger, too strong for fear, and too happy to permit the presence of trouble.

-Optimists International

That it has survived to today is amazing. When I think of the number of times it could have been lit on fire or lost. That it has avoided my side for so long can be nothing less than fate. They are the words I live by. It and the Red Letters are all I live my life too. It is a solid way to get by.

Wealth, after all, is a relative thing since he that has little and wants less is richer than he that has much and wants more.
-Charles Caleb Colton

The Plan for Peace and Global Unity; The World Renewal Initiative.

I carry with me 10 ideas that I must accomplish before I die. Everyone has goals. I want to save the world. That's not unique. Many people want to save the world. They do it by working with charities. Attending church. Sponsoring a child in the third world. What these people lack in power they make up for in number. My 10 goals could save the world, and so I am set to create them. Or rather, I am unable to create them because I lack the resource to create them. The world is chock full of such resource. Even Bemidji could give me everything I require to build the things I want. America is the richest nation in the world.

Here are the Ten things in the order they appear;

1. The Green Cab
2. The Ice Pyramid
3. The Book
4. The Replica Coliseum
5. The Largest Sail Craft
6. The Colossal Array
7. The Geodesic Home
8. The Great Recycle Harvest
9. The Stenerson-Liend Electrical Car
10. The Airship Victorious

They are each of them planned and executed in my mind. I know that they can exist in this world, but lack the resource. I live day to day with the hope that one day the right person will believe me. Together we will build and we will all be saved. They are the best of me. If I could see them made I would live in the world I dream of. The world that can exist out of this rubble we have created for hundreds of years. A world without borders and a future filled with promise. The blanket that I place over these ideas is called The World Renewal and I place it before you as best I can.

The World Renewal Initiative uses the resources around us to power a self-sustaining global market place that provides for the Earth's population in perpetuity and establishes the first steps towards interstellar exploration.

3. The Book; Babel With One Voice. Killing Guttenberg.

If you can believe anything I tell you about anything, believe that with a modest programming staff and an international team I can eliminate the language barrier in 5 years. Give me five years to eliminate the need for paper and unify the globe with the language of science. The technology exists, but needs to be perfected and made affordable, that will allow a cellular device instantly translate any language. So give everyone this device. Call it a graduation present. Pay for it instead of a passport. We should give everyone a cellular device anyhow in an effort to eliminate crime.

The Book is what needs to happen. The day of the paper book must be at an end and we must give everyone a book that is every book. You could start today by going to your local library and taking digital photos of every page. Voice record yourself and post it on the Internet. Invade the Library of Congress and demand your right, as an American, to give everyone the words. Libraries can still exist. I love books. There is no sound I love more than the sound of turning pages, but it doesn't make sense anymore. Write a book, great, but whatever you do don't chop down a tree for it. I have a tough time convincing myself to use paper at all anymore. I doubt what I have to say is worth the life of a tree in a digital age. Then I see celebrity cellulite on the cover of 10 periodicals and my heart screams against the waste and ignorance.

Let it be a single book that models itself after the Amazon Kindle, but is backlit, powered with a handle, and free. We need 6,000,000,000 and the number isn't getting smaller. Global literacy and communication in one package. Give me the right team and we can make it teach you to read it. We need to be planting many many more trees, not chopping them down for The Wall Street Journal.

Once everyone can read and everyone can talk to one another without fear then we've begun to create a truly Global Community. A people who can speak for change in one voice. Who can cry for help when they need it. The world will speak with one voice and everything will change.

Voice recognition software is undergoing a revolution. Quietly under the radar of everything we see is progress towards using computers to translate our words to be hear by all. The logical evolution of this technology and the practical application is to distribute it to the world and create a truly global information network. If my words can be typed then they can be translated. I don't speak Latin, Dutch, or Russian but I can get a rough translation from any one of these languages with a few strokes of my keys.

The Future is now.
De toekomst is nu
posterus est iam
Будущее теперь

If this is what I can do with a browser imagine what I can do with some computer programmers and an office. I have learned enough about language to know that it's all a matter of phonetics and semantics. Figure these things out and pattern them. Create a single book and make it kinetically powered. Wind up literacy. I can do all of these things if I have but a small slice of resource. I am currently trying to secure the equipment and staff I require to make this project succeed. This is all a matter of making enough noise about something. I don't care if these ideas are "Stolen". I do not believe that there are any more original ideas. None of what I know can be built is beyond the limits of technology. I maintain this despite the apparent lunacy of what at first would seem like a crackpot scheme. The difference between a crackpot scheme and changing the world for the better is all a matter of finance and staffing.

10. The Solar Dirigible Victorious.

I have already disclosed a number of documents relating to the solar dirigible in a previous e-mail. What I would mention is that one of the often ignored and to my mind more troubling facts. When all air traffic was grounded as a result of the attack there was a measurable change in climatological patterns over the US and the world. In 1960 we consumed 1,954 million gallons of jet fuel and in 2006 that figure had increased to 13,458 million gallons. Millions and millions of gallons of fuel dumped into our upper atmosphere. If you don't think that this is bad for Earth then you are not paying attention. The Solar Dirigible is the answer to a fantastic future of mass transportation. The chief argument against the dirigible established itself in the first footage of a disaster. The iconic fall of the Hindenburg marked the end of the age of the airship. This unfortunate event cannot stop us from building a new generation of aircraft. On the contrary, it will create a new boom in mass transit.

Imagine, if you will, lifting three 747s into the sky and traveling from hub to hub using only the power of the sun and wind to propel you. Imagine that you could construct these vessels out of recycled polymers and aluminum. Imagine a better world with me and help me. Within 5 years I will build her if I have to do it with my bare hands. I could use factories. Hundreds and hundreds of green factories. Instant recycling centers. Give me your refuse, your hungry masses yearning to live free, and I will take you to the skies with me.

Talk to any aeronautical engineer and they will agree with my concepts and Lockheed has already designed inferior vessels. Sir Richard Branson will hopefully help me if I can just get word to him. I was in communication with the office of the worlds greenest aeronautical expert and then he died of cancer. Building this vessel is the reason I returned to college and within five years she will fly.

Lethal Punishment Vs. Global Justice.

Law Enforcement, the world over, is the physical manifestation of a group's conception of justice. This group can be as large as a nation, or as small as a group of militia. The amount of attention and respect these enforcing bodies receives is entirely dependent on the amount of force they can bring to bear on a given population. This force has, in history, been marked by the ability to kill. There are certainly other means of enforcement, but any person taking up arms is defined as being capable and resolved to deliver death should the will of their representative group be defied.

This is not the sum total of all Law Enforcement, of course, and many constabularies use nothing more than clubs to enforce laws, the ability to restrain and capture enough to ensure that those who would defy the law of the land can be contained and removed from society at large. Still other branches are armed with other non-lethal means of enforcement, the IRS is not armed but can most certainly have you jailed if you do not follow the US mandate for fiscal responsibility.

So we find that, as worlds develop from the third upward, that the power of law expands as the means of enforcing them becomes less lethal. London police officers don't typically carry pistols yet there are 200,000 child soldiers in Africa. This is a very dire leap, but serves to show the insolubility of any real sense of Global Justice in as much as Justice is dependent on it's Law Enforcement.

The American system of Justice cannot serve as a starting point for Global Justice because it is a flawed and fractured dissection of a constitution that was framed by well-meaning slave owners. The disintegration of our set of laws has been a 200-year process that has succeeded in making our nation both the most violent and most persecuted. Uneducated and uninformed, America keeps a blindfold on Lady Justice and her people with the cunning of a stage magician.

If we, as a world, cannot define Justice then we must at the very least make uniform it's enforcement and punishment. There are only three real means of punishment; incarceration, labor, and death. Of the three, only one can never be undone. There is a list of 130 exonerated American's since 1970. These cases are all individual, but some of them were the result of DNA evidence making their crimes impossible. If these are the cases that appeal successfully, then how many innocents have been executed in our history?

Achieving World Peace.

When asked what the perfect soldier is there are many who would presume to know the answer. Any general will tell you that the perfect soldier is one who kills an enemy without fear or hesitation. There are ratios. If our man kills 17 to their 1 then we will win. Probabilities of combat refined over the thousands of years we have battled. The perfect soldier is nothing of what the military would suggest. The goal of military supremacy is to kill without attrition. To that end America has pioneered a means of engaging targets anywhere on the globe with deadly efficiency. Eventually the Predators will drop from Starlifters and a nations power supply will be eradicated within mere moments. This broadcast will emanate from comfortable bunkers a world away. Satellite signals are the power of our age.

I would enforce a Global Law under the auspices of whatever organization would offer me supplies. Using non-lethal force I would stop genocide. An army of Warrior Healers would fall from the sky and protect the victims by disarming and detaining, and their weapons would be recycled into plowshares. Those who are detained are fed, encouraged to join the farming effort, and released to do with their lives what they will.

This can be the only method of enforcing peace. The perfect soldier is not a person who can kill the most the fastest and longest, the perfect soldier is the one who can defeat another and then make them their ally. I believe, in my heart, that humanity was not meant to kill one another. This is a primal urge that throws us back thousands of years to our animal roots. It is a detriment to our growth as a species and a millstone around a neck that would be better used to help our brother man. It's all very kumbaya, and I realize that.

Gandhi had it right. So did Socrates. So did Jesus. So did Buddha. They all had it right and we learned from them briefly, and then forgot forever. Pacifism can be the only ying to violent yang. Bloodshed only creates more blood shed and if we do not remove ourselves from the system now it threatens to collapse the structure we have built to save everyone. Provide for everyone. The system we have created globally is flawed. There are those who starve in lawless squalor and then there are those with Wiis and X-Boxes. 1,000 children die a day in Mexico City, but who really gives a shit any more? People don't want to hear about it and offering a solution only makes you a dreamer and a hypocrite.

Ethics of Alternative Reality.

The logical evolution of a technological existence is the total emersion into an alternate reality. This task can now be readily achieved with the application of a helmet that provides high definition broadcast of anything. With the application of force resistant gauntlets, the use of a footpad, weights and magnets could take a person and place them in a simulated world. Their ears would be covered with acoustic headphones. The voice that would speak could be contained and protected by a microphone respirator. The subject would be able to travel in a number of virtual environments.

Microsoft could create a HALO helmet and accompanying rifle. Through use of a better version of the wii pad the next generation of killers could be trained at home. The NFL could create gloves and a helmet that place you directly in the game. You would have the choice from LucasArts of either the Rebel or the Vader helmet Flight stick and light saber optional. Disney could create crowns for Princes and Princesses. They would have to battle together on behalf of their magic kingdom.

I give these ideas to the data stream as a gift and a curse, hoping that if it gets to the right inbox Bill Gates and George Lucas will have to ask themselves "Where the hell is Bemidji and who the fuck is Jeremiah Liend?" It is the earnest hope that we ask the question of whether this is a logical evolution of an entertainment, or the very real opportunity to throw it all away. Maybe it will kill the couch potato. Maybe that is worth it in and of itself. I will be able to fly, and that's something we can all enjoy. People who cannot get out anymore as the result of age or infirmity will no longer have the bounds of physical space to communicate with all manner of people. It could be a better world. It could be people mentally masturbating while others die. One cannot eat the richest portion of the pie while others die. And there's the dilemma. There again, I might be able to let Stephen Hawkins walk. Talk even. If his brain is half as sharp as I believe it is I could make him sing with the sort of technology I am fairly certain exists.

If I can create a world in which a helmet determines your existence, and then I can lock down plugging your head onto another body. I will need one body. Two if we're going to be picky about sex. It will be an 0 positive human. It would eliminate donor lists and break down your life to plugs and protein stitches. I don't know how long a person can live. For me I could be dead tomorrow and none of this will matter to anyone. If I do not disseminate this to someone then it dies with me, and I guess that's the last laugh. I am left to debate with myself if creating a plug-in human is really the way to go. Yes, I can clone myself. I can do it on a ship in the middle of nowhere with a team of rebels and that could be fun, or I should be stopped. Too much drama for comedy or tragedy.

Why We Must Colonize The Moon.

The sequence goes; Earth, Moon, Mars, Belt, Jupiter, Infinity.

But it all hinges on the Moon. If we can survive on the Moon we can survive a lot of places. The Moon always seems like a lame duck to superpowers and science. Who wants to go someplace with no resource? Boring really. Nothing to eat, nothing to breathe, nothing to do. But it's more about what it doesn't have; gravity, that makes it worth the trip. We can take the rest with us. To start with we will need cows and carbon. It sounds like a joke about space cowboys, but frankly It won't be habitable by humans for some time. The cows are responsible for creating topsoil that will grow the food to sustain us. We will feed them a dehydrated mixture of nutrients and seeds and it will be rehydrated with the milk we take out of the cow. Once the field has been build beneath the dome, the oxygen has been harvested, the methane exhausted and the cow put to sleep, we can then start moving miners and after that colonists.

They will mine for precious metals and pockets of heat. Ships will bring fresh water and elderly. Retire to the Moon and prepare for Mars. After we get the Moon domed up and a planet rail clipping we go to the poles in ships larger than could ever be launched from Earth whose atmosphere would tear apart any shape so large and aerodynamic. Mars has an atmosphere. It sucks, but it's there. It has water, which we can use and mountains, which are pretty. At this point it's an observation station to pick out asteroids. The Belt has all the terrain we need to get us out of the System. Interstellar travel would be a matter of choice. Do you want to remain frozen for untold millennia and then arrive at a planet that may or may not kill you? If aliens capture you will they eat you or accidentally explode you with their minds?

I offer these possibilities with the knowledge that I get to do it myself. If I can get a dome to the Moon, then I will take it there. If we want to go to Mars, I'll go there and come back. But the End Game is always the same, and that's what remains of me being fired to the second star to the right. Fire me towards the center of the beast and I'll see what I can see. If there is someone to be decapitated and plugged in, I would only do it to myself first. Call it an Ethic. Call it my Terms.

The Future.

So I continue to strive for these things. I try to cram as much into my life as I can and in the process I am trying to use one skill to help another and some mornings I don't find the will to get out of bed because I worry that no one will ever hear me. That the dreams of one man mean nothing when placed in the vast sea of thought that revolves all around us. There is a constant war between nihilism and hope and that which wins determines my course of action. I have to believe that if even one of my goals are seen through to fruition that it will be worth the laughter of those who don't believe. I feel sad when I am dismissed and disregarded and all I crave is an audience to it all. Thank you for your time.

Had I the heavens' embroidered cloths,
Enwrought with golden and silver light,
The blue and the dim and the dark cloths
Of night and light and the half-light,
I would spread the cloths under your feet:
But I, being poor, have only my dreams;
I have spread my dreams under your feet;
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.
-W.B. Yeats

Hope is the worst of evils, for it prolongs the torments of man.

- Friedrich Nietzsche

If you're going to be crazy, you have to get paid for it or else you're going to be locked up.

- Hunter S. Thompson


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