The Future Governor.

The future governor will be a creature evolved past politics. He who governs least governs most leaves us a governless people. The future will be commanded by pioneers, not by politicians. We have given them their chance and their system a fair shot, but we cannot survive without advancement. We live in a global society and in the eyes of nature we are all of us equals. The horizons will not be explored by a party member. The parties are not working.
For whatever reason, our fundamental craving for conflict has polarized us on a number of silly issues. We are being manipulated by agendas not our own. What is a Republican? What is a Democrat? Fail to sell them food and they are both of them starving. Global famine ravages the third world and I cannot imagine trying to explain the parties to the hungry.

“You see the Republicans have a modestly more conservative stance on civil liberties, and the Democrats fight, very casually, to get elected again.”

The party is going on even while we shoot people. The party is happening when you sleep. The partiers rally around the bullies in the playground and chide one another for whatever ill conceived wrong grown people can throw at one another. The American Dream is out there somewhere on the fringe. Waiting to see when the party will end. Looking at the clock and wishing everyone would go home. The party is rich men and women in expensive suits negotiating our ability to live. Who deserves to be healthy. The price we put on death. Over cocktails and sushi and steak they barter our freedoms while trying to contend with the surreal acceptance of it. The Status Quo of the party has mired us, as a people, and we need to begin electing powerful ideas, and idealists. Individuals with a Plan.

We are left to redefine the dream and resurrect it’s greatest tenants. How do you create business? America knows how to create business, it simply chooses not to. Industry has been given to the less developed nations to provide us with a variety of shoes. Our lavish existence has created a false covenant with materialism. Humanist pack rats collecting and trading things to get other things. Cast aside the wool Pepsi and Coke have placed over your eyes, blinding you as sure as diabetes one day will. How do you create business? You make things people like and then you sell it to them. The mystery is a fallacy! I have the solution!

We make factories to make factories. We harvest the only commodity that will matter in the future; Power, from natural resources and then sell it to people who need it. We will make electric car factories. Solar dirigibles. Colossal kinetic harvesting arrays. Not a series of plants building slightly different variations of last years models. Factories like we want to make things. The shipping containers will go the other way. We will ship them out of Duluth to anywhere, and by and through the grace of the global market we will be rich. I would work in an electric car factory, wouldn’t you? Get a living wage for once in your check to check existence? Wouldn’t it be nice not to worry about losing your home? Wouldn’t it be nice to provide your child with everything they need? Including a future?

The Republicans are partners to industry and the free market, and lack but ideas to lend form to their grand scheme of global financial dominance. He who governs least governs not at all. The Future Governor must lead both parties if we are to have an accord. The Democrats are champions of the people, and lack but the confidence to commit to a plan. Without the partisanship and illusory conflict between the parties we can fire into office and station an individual battling for the whole, the all, the everything. The Future Governor will Govern the Future and I will show you the way.


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