We're All Dying, Here. How Are You?

I am dying. So are you. Unless you are a computer. In which case, please stop reading, because this is a work that is meant for humans, dogs, and the cockroach community. History is largely written about genocide and war as framed by the victors. It is for this reason that Western civilization has failed. There is the idea that the oligarchy that oversaw the fields as tyrants would change, and be absorbed into an equal population, but mankind has always said no. We abdicate our decisions to the state not because we enjoy it, but because the state exists as a model of something that has never existed. A functioning society that protects and preserves liberty and justice for all people of the world, regardless of what corner they may hide.

I have grown up my entire life saturated with terrible guilt. It comes honestly, by reading the work of our forefathers. The Constitution of the United States of America was framed by slave holders, as a means of governing New England. Truth is nothing to be taken lightly, or ignored, yet our educational system is a careful obfuscation of a terrible machine at work that grinds humanity into dollars no matter the cost. The governing principles of U.S.A. are little different than that of Rome. Rome Mark II is what Jefferson should have pushed for. Don’t get me started on Jefferson. That is a whole other set of morality, right there. Bible without God and it’s OK to have sex with people considered property. Slaves had a vote before women. And people claim it is the greatest nation.

I have nurtured and tortured myself with studying the tragic and almost complete genocide of the Indigenous Peoples of America. Small pox. What a shitty thing to do to a culture. Then the wars, and the bad things are on both side, but I am the son of the invaders. Shake hands with it, Lady Liberty, with your non-torch hand. But the other day I realized something, and it is that the people here before me never really owned the land, any more than they did, before we took it. At least they had 10,000 years of no white people. Wouldn't that be paradise? I long to hunt the happy buffalo, but I was born without land. I have never known what it is to have  a place this wonderful at my disposal. Our generation forward will forever know roads, and walls, and borders, and those that control those borders control the planet. And nations rise and fall over lines on a burning globe.

I am the evolution of soldiers and knights. I am the honored son for whom men fought on the fields of Agincourt and Bosworth. My kin planned and then vaporized Hiroshima with nuclear weapons. We were all of us one people, once. Perhaps united against the Neanderthal. Perhaps working with them to build the first societies. At one point, the Toba catastrophe theory maintains at one point  there were only 10,000 humans on Earth. Once we all united to fight against monsters millions of years our elder to stand at the gateway to the heavens.

I am writing this because I am afraid, and writing about this makes me less afraid. It makes be believe what I write, and marvel at the truth that sounds like insanity. Probably due to meter. And context. And content. But it is all of it true, and important, and real. And who I am. 


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