Freedom 2021.


Since our youths and before we have all been told,

Freedom is protected by the brave and the bold.

But lately we wonder where that freedom has went?

What years, riches, and lives have been woefully spent?

Where was our freedom in Vietnam?

Was it in the tunnels of the Viet Cong?

Was it in the villages that napalm extinguished?

Did Ho Chi Minh take it and make it diminish?

Where was our freedom in Guantanamo Bay?

Where war pigs with nukes come to torture and play?

Do you keep it in cages at that blackest of sights?

At the ongoing war crime might forces to right?

Where was our freedom in far Iraq?

It must have been there (we had to go back)?

We hanged Hussein and that felt nice,

But the search for WMD took a grim price. 

Millions of victims to our policing of Earth, 

Residents of Fallujah still should not give birth.

For the depleted Uranium and Wiley Petes, 

We deployed in our efforts to terror defeat. 

Where was our freedom in Afghanistan?

Please point to which valley if you possibly can?

Was it among the poppies, mine fields, or the caves?

With the poor wounded children or in their small graves?

Where was our freedom in Pakistan?

Was it in the skull of that terrorist man?

We stealth choppered in to kill Bin Laden, 

But the freedoms we lost are long forgotten. 

Where was our freedom when COVID arrived?

Where was it when millions got sick and then died?

Where was the defense that our trillions had bought?

When that bio agent that killed was so easily caught?

Where is our freedom now that we are sick?

When it’s at our door with a gun and a pick? 

Where is our ability to be somewhat insured?

To cover the cost when our bodies are burned.

JT Liend



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