Liend 2022 Endorsement Stump.


My name is Jeremiah Liend and I am seeking the DFL endorsement for Minnesota house district 2B. I would like to begin by thanking the 8,395 people who voted for me in 2020. Every day I am honored by those votes and try to be worthy of them. I don’t like to scare people, but part of speaking my truth with you is sharing what terrifies me within the other state houses of our nation. Roe vs. Wade is overturned in Texas while the Supreme Court considers opinions. Similar legislation is being considered on the floors of Arizona, Alabama, and Idaho. In Idaho laws have been presented criminalizing gender affirming care as felony child abuse punishable by a life prison term. It also maintains the penalty if you seek this care out of state. According to the Brennan Center for Justice at least 19 states passed 34 laws restricting access to voting and more than 440 bills with provisions that restrict voting access have been introduced in 49 states in the 2021 legislative session alone. There is one political party forwarding these vile, abusive, unconstitutional laws and it is why I am here, with you, seeking this seat. So when those laws arrive here in Minnesota I can be there to help destroy them. 

2020 was an unprecedented, terrifying, and challenging year for the planet. Running a grass roots campaign was often overwhelming. The COVID Pandemic, the murder of George Floyd, and January 6th are milestones of tragedy along a two year journey that has brought us to the here and now. I am proud of the campaign that we ran and the things that we accomplished. My opponent received more votes than any other candidate in the district, including Trump. Matthew Grossell received 132 more votes than Trump and that is because lifelong GOP voted for their own party down the ballot, but could not vote for Trump and I would like to thank them too, because they give me hope. 

We are still standing. Our institutions have not fallen. Democracy is still here. But none of this can or will be maintained without great dedication, amazing sacrifice, and sustainable cooperation. Protecting democracy is a full contact event and not one of us can accomplish anything alone. Any DFL candidate that wants to win in this area needs a plan to convince the GOP to vote for them and to flawlessly execute this plan. I have a plan the foundation of which is building, improving, and sustaining our community. Because no matter who wins in November, no matter what their political affiliation or personal beliefs, this community will be here, and they need our representation, our support, and our love.

Finally, because none of this will break the white noise of the media cycle, and in an earnest effort to gain a foot in the door with the 25% of the GOP that now believes in QAnon, I would also like to explain that I am Q. I have been Q since at least 2006 and anyone who has read the Q Reports, or the Book of Q or its sequel, gone to any one of several of my boring plays over the years, or knows what the Bemidji Swashbucklers Guild is knows that I am Q. Frankly I’m tired of mediocre impostors like Ron Watkins getting money, fame, and support by stealing my secret identity. To clarify, QAnon is a counter organization to our own. We are not with them. My Q has never been Anonymous. But free, public, and on the internet. 

This disclosure is an experiment in something I have termed the Marjorie Taylor Greene effect whereby only the craziest nonsense can break through the baseline of our diminished attention spans. So. I am Q. Last Swashbuckling Adventurer. Chrononaut. Time Messiah. Please consider supporting my campaign with your endorsement, support, volunteering, or donation. Thank you and miigwech.


Jeremiah T. Liend

Turtle River, MN


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