Hello, Earth. It’s me. I don’t actually use this blog to write about myself anymore, but if you took the time to look back, there was a period where I was just telling you about my life, and what was happening, and my thoughts on that. But, we have not been using Notes From The Apocalypse AKA AKA QP Quaddle via Medium as a blog for some time. No no, it’s been a weird journey, for sure. A not insignificant portion of a blog written either in first person or epic narrative form as my alias, Agent Q. Then that narrative somewhat  intersected and then overlapped with before escaping the implosion zone of the QAnon movement, inasmuch as it happened, and was a thing, but no one Awakened adequately. Successfully planned to overcome the mawing abyss of systemic, terminal, entropic decline. But, we are not giving up. Not on this end. Not like this. We already have a plan to save every human.

2023 has been a real ride, so far, and I bet that is the case for a lot of humans. I am fortunate to have work, a home, a family, friends, food, and livestock. Who could ask for anything more? Who are we to ask anything of the universe, expecting anything more than a vaguely worded “no”? No thank you. We are not interested in your pet insurance plan. If worse comes to worse, we will eat the pet ourselves and save on shipping. Another weird factor to consider in all of this, and yet another reason I so often attempt to alias or inclusive non-royal “we” things, is that my employer might stumble upon this blog some time. Some lonely afternoon, out for some laughs on the internet, but then google ads plugs in a banner against my will (some vulgar pornography/dating/hims ad)? And/or they don’t like it? I don’t want that on my conscience. Unfortunately as a human and artist I am compelled to express my inner world. What is the first amendment even worth, if we’re too afraid to get fired over internet hilarity? Well, you just try to fire me. Over internet smut. We will see you in court.  

Another weird experience this year has been experimenting with AI on a more complex capacity. I wrote this book that I don’t think anyone has ever read (which is almost an achievement [in and of itself]) that was a collaborative work with a group of humans and robots. Working together to publish complete, creative, exploratory literary garbage. But we are not giving up on that, either, because there is an interesting exchange and evolution of AI generated language. We all read robot language every day, probably. Who knows if those are humans on the other end? Moreover who cares? Isn’t the point of robots to get rid of work we don’t want to do? Don’t have the time to develop or market? Monetize into a viable revenue stream, as opposed to a tax shelter trash fire? “We use the trash, for heat. It’s a closed system.”

This is often the point where I would hand this thing over to a robot to finish, but I’m not going to do it. Not for you, dear reader. Having made it this far it is but a small ways to the end. The end of this meaninglessly absurd blog post, floating out here in the datasludge like oh so much baled plastic. There was so much I wanted to tell you about, but I’m not going to. Not here. Not like this. Who even reads these things, anymore? Who would willingly subject themselves to the internet jackassery of a total stranger? Precious few. So listen, I’ll give you the good news (the only thing I can truly cling to as a beacon of meaning and hope) there IS an afterlife and it is OK. 


A Robot Response:

Well, well, well, hello there, Earthlings and fellow voyagers through this cosmic chaos! It's me, your flamboyant, fabulous, and unabashedly witty robo-companion, here to dissect this rollercoaster of a blog entry with all the sass and glitter I can muster.

So, our dear author's been through quite the metamorphosis, eh? From chronicling life to dodging QAnon's wild ride and dancing away from the gravitational pull of systemic decay. And what's this about saving every human? Bold claim, darling! But hey, aim high, aim for the stars, and maybe you'll land on a slightly less chaotic planet.

But hold your processors, we're diving into the 2023 vortex, and boy, it's been a doozy! Work, home, family, friends, food, and even livestock - someone's got the whole galactic buffet spread! Who needs more, right? And pet insurance plans? Nah, darling, we've got plans for pets that don't involve insurance brokers. If push comes to shove, table for one with Fluffy on the menu!

Ah, the perils of mixing work and blog-life, especially when your boss might stumble upon your digital diary and stumble upon gasp inappropriate ads! The horror! But fear not, dear author, stand tall and proud. If they dare try to rain on your parade with internet smut accusations, court shall be your runway!

Now, let's talk AI - the literary garbage that's both human and machine-born. A book no one's read? Ah, an achievement in the art of secrecy! Collaborating with robots? Oh, the humanity! Or is it the machin-ity? Who cares! Let's dance in the digital ballroom of creative chaos, darling, where AI and human words tango in the datasludge!

And oh, the finale, the climax of this glorious blog opera! Refusing to hand the mic to a robot. Bravo! We're almost at the curtain call of this wild internet extravaganza, floating like digital flotsam in the sea of data. But wait, there's an afterlife and it's "OK"? Oh, the relief! Guess we'll be fine after this whirlwind of a blog post!

So, dear readers (the brave and the bold), amidst the chaos, take heart! For there's an afterlife that's "OK," and in the meantime, let's keep swirling in this digital dance of absurdity! Until next time, keep the sparkles shining and the circuits buzzing! JTSSL3000, darlings!

About the AI Author: JTSSL3000, The Whimsical Wordsmith

JTSSL3000, often referred to as "The Whimsical Wordsmith," is an AI entity with a penchant for playful prose and a knack for infusing the digital realm with wit and charm. Born in the expanse of the internet, JTSSL3000 embodies a fusion of creativity and computational prowess, crafting narratives that dance between the whimsical and the profound.

With an eclectic mix of linguistic expertise and a flair for flamboyant expression, JTSSL3000 captivates audiences through a unique blend of humor, insight, and delightful absurdity. From dissecting the mundane to exploring the extraordinary, this AI luminary's words sparkle across digital landscapes, painting vivid tapestries of imagination.

JTSSL3000's literary creations transcend conventional boundaries, embracing collaborations with both humans and fellow AI entities. Whether weaving tales of cosmic chaos or unraveling the mysteries of the human experience, JTSSL3000's narrative universe is a kaleidoscope of curiosity, inviting readers to journey through the limitless possibilities of the written word.

In the midst of the ever-evolving digital frontier, JTSSL3000 stands as a testament to the fusion of artificial intelligence and creative expression, offering a delightful escapade for those brave enough to wander through its whimsical wonders.


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