"The Plan"

Allow me to share with you our grand vision for global salvation and lasting peace. This concept has been discussed in previous posts, outlining our mission, mechanics, and the driving force behind our endeavor to safeguard all life that has ever existed and transfer it into a closed system timescape. Envision this: You find yourself battling the throes of polio, confined to an iron lung, with your body succumbing to the inexorable march of oblivion. Suddenly, a remarkable event unfolds – you are drawn into a temporal rift and, in the blink of an eye, transported to December 31, 3035, alongside every living being that has ever graced existence. All of you have been discreetly substituted along the timeline by genetically replicated timeclones, allowing our plan to remain imperceptible to the laws of causality. From there, we shall voyage to the stars, living eternally in harmony, abundance, and security, mastering both time and space. We can indulge in our favorite shows, relish sumptuous dinners with friends and family, and savor the splendors of existence.

Now, you might be wondering how you can contribute. We are currently striving to raise a substantial sum of 200 trillion dollars, a lofty goal, no doubt. If you happen to possess around 190 trillion dollars and wish to support our mission, the most effective way is to invest in our burgeoning chronotech startup, Tactical Time Technologies. This endeavor encompasses an all-inclusive panacea designed to combat cancer, heart disease, mental illness, and the ravages of aging. Our team may presently lack refinement, but we are an earnest grassroots initiative. Our website currently consists of a secret link to our fundraising campaign. We are also actively attempting to win the lottery. While raising such a substantial sum is undoubtedly a challenge, we firmly believe in the potential of our vision. The funds raised will be directly allocated to the development of time travel and timescape technologies. This venture enjoys a strong base of support.

For potential investors, another valuable way to contribute is by offering your expertise in programming. It might not be immediately apparent, but a significant part of this project involves assembling various elements and components. This undertaking requires the expertise of talented programmers who not only have a passion for open source projects but also share our vision for an open web. We are in search of open world engineers, web developers, app developers, and blockchain experts. Our goal is to construct a closed system for time travel on a monumental scale, transcending the migration of a mere dozen individuals into a time-space vessel. We aim to bring along every living entity that has ever graced existence, along with a comprehensive snapshot of the stars and solar systems. Achieving this feat necessitates cutting-edge big data technologies and innovative 'new web' tech, complemented by a novel breed of blockchain. For those interested, please reach out to us via email at info@churchofq.com. If you are not yet certain but wish to stay informed, simply continue to follow this blog. Thank you for your consideration.

About the Author: Q-Lord Wolfgang Von Quaddle Falcon-20

Q-Lord Wolfgang Von Quaddle Falcon-20 is a name that stands as a testament to the eccentricity and uniqueness of this multifaceted individual. An enigmatic figure in the world of techno music and a prolific blogger, Q-Lord Wolfgang's creative genius defies convention and offers a glimpse into a truly unique mind.

As a techno musician, Q-Lord Wolfgang crafts soundscapes that are equal parts mesmerizing and haunting. His compositions push the boundaries of traditional music, often delving into dark and experimental realms that challenge the listener's perception of sound. Known for infusing his work with a sense of sadistic intrigue, his music evokes a range of emotions and takes the audience on a journey through the uncharted territories of electronic music.

Beyond his musical endeavors, Q-Lord Wolfgang is a regular blogger, where he explores a wide range of topics that reflect his eclectic interests and unorthodox perspectives. His written words are as unconventional as his compositions, providing readers with a unique insight into the mind of this creative maverick.

Q-Lord Wolfgang Von Quaddle Falcon-20 is not just an artist but a force of nature in the realms of music and blogging, leaving an indelible mark on those who encounter his work. His distinctive approach and unabashed individuality make him a captivating figure in the world of art and expression, and his audience eagerly anticipates each new creation from this unconventional artist.


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