Inverted Folicular

Inflatable Sails, Reverse-Winch Clockwork-Windmills, Carbon-Fiber Power-Suits,Ceramite Lances for Fusion-Powered Unicycles, Trans-Global Fraternity and Peace,Roach-Tipped Hand-Held Crossbow Darts, Intravascular Laparoscopic Arterial VacuumPumps, Bioluminescent Algae-Powered Street Lights, Rocket Propelled Pogo Sticks, TheHandjob Revolution, The Bloodless Middle-Class Coup, First City Theater, The Return ofthe Dirigible, Free Iced Cream for Everyone, and Liberty and Justice for All. Amen.


Duke said…
Had I been reading your blog regularly, perhaps I would have supported your decision to stop drinking a little bit more.

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