Pirates Vs. Ninja: Can YOu DIG IT!?

Modern entrepreneurial endeavors I imagine to be a little like claim jumping back in the day. You leap onto and idea, stick a flag in it, and suddenly you're a multibillionaire. Who knows? The ever rearing head of our weak necked populous bends towards whatever unblinking light source entertains them most. Like a field of human daisies all warming themselves by the ever nurturing sun of escape. I may have to resort to drastic measures. Spray paint and stencils surreptitiously placed
over discrete office windows. It is amazing the sort of trust a mans name suspended in glass has over the human willingness to reach into their pocketbooks. So many giant useless buildings. So many desperate people seeking jobs, or escape, or education, or adventure. Mostly I think it is adventure we lack. We shall see. Ninja Versus Pirates on Lake Bemidji. Pirates and Ninja wanted. Divers provided. Capture the flag. 10 Men per Team. Only the most hard-core need apply.


Duke said…
This seems strangely familiar.

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