An Introduction to The 12 Apocryphal Disciplines of Pacifist Aggression.

Codex Sinaiticus

Luke 22

35 And he said to them: When I sent you forth without purse and bag and sandals, needed you any thing? They said: Nothing.

36 And he said to them: But now, he that has a purse, let him take it; in like manner, also a bag; and he that has no sword, let him sell his garment and buy.

37 For I say to you that this that is written must be fulfilled in me; this: And with the lawless was he numbered; for that concerning me has an end.

38 And they said: Lord, behold, here are two swords. And he said to them: It is enough.

Matthew 26

52 Then Jesus said to him: Put back your sword into its place; for all that take the sword shall perish by the sword.

53 Do you think that I cannot now call upon my Father, and he would cause more than twelve legions of angels to stand by me?

54 But how then shall the scriptures be fulfilled, that thus it must be?

Mark 10

14 And Jesus seeing it was displeased, and said to them: Let the little children come to me; forbid them not; for to such belongs the kingdom of God.

The Argument.

These are the passages that have led me to the creation of the disciplines. To say creation is false, as it is a remembering of great deeds performed by great men. My motivation in creating these forms is to teach them to others that they may be protected and offer protection for those who cannot protect themselves. Though they teach one to wield a sword with righteousness, they are never to be used to kill, only to disarm and disable. It is my greatest dream that through training and commitment that one day an army will rise to protect and defend the children of the world from harm. As the world treats the children, so treat we our future kingdom.

You need not be Christian to learn the disciplines. As Jesus used parable to educate his apostles, so apocryphal texts have been used to teach 12 distinct lessons. These disciplines are meant to be applied to physical combat, but their tenants may be used in a persons life to strengthen and defend them. If taken to heart and used with commitment, a master of the 12 disciplines can stand against a thousand and never fear harm.

To commit to these disciplines requires an open mind and a spiritual strength. To commit to the idea of pacifist aggression is to promise never to harm for personal advancement or feeling. To commit to this style of combat is to commit to the idea that the perfect warrior is not one who can kill their opponent, but one who can change an opponent to an ally.

When one has learned the disciplines they are awarded the title of brother or sister and will join an elite few empowered with the strength of the saints and tempered with the wisdom of the apostles. A master of the disciplines is given the mandate to protect and preserve life at all cost and will not hesitate in swift action to these ends. If these virtues speak to your heart, mind, or spirit, then join me, and together we will build an army that has never existed before. One committed to the preservation of life and the prosperity of all.

Learning The 12 Apocryphal Disciplines of Pacifist Aggression.

Each of these lessons have been taken from the stories of the Apostles before and after their time in the service of Jesus. Their lessons are Apocryphal and the basis for them have been debated by theologians for thousands of years. As with lessons learned from Jesus it is more important to learn from the story than to debate the fact. You need not be a Christian to practice these disciplines, and as a Christian you are not obligated to believe the reality of the saints. What you are responsible for is understanding the wisdom of the lesson and committing yourself wholly to it’s integration in your style.

Unlike the martial arts, these forms have not been created through the rigors of combat. They have been conceptualized and stylized so that those learning the disciplines can combat one another without fear of harm. Through rigorous and regular application and contestation brothers and sisters devoted to the disciplines make one another stronger in their execution. By making another better at a thing all prosper.

The first stage of learning the disciplines is to confirm your commitment to the idea of pacifist aggression. Though pacifism is a virtue to be lauded, it is a fundamentally flawed philosophy in that it leaves it’s followers victims to any and all persecution. More than that, a pacifist unable to defend themselves or others allows suffering to occur around them without the tools to prevent further violence. Though an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind, there is an answer to ending violence, and it is pacifist aggression.

When a person desires to do you harm your options are often too many to process. Instinct wars with intellect and moments of indecision remove the ability to respond. Options are whittled away to fight or flight, the former resulting in bloodshed, the latter displacing or delaying violence while not resolving conflict. Where there is misunderstanding and anger let there be compassion and education. Where there is fear and hate let there be certainty and friendship. If a person slaps you may turn the other cheek, but why allow that to occur? Jesus gave a mandate in Luke to protect yourself with a sword if need be. Through application of the first six disciplines you will be made impervious to harm.

Once you have accepted the concept of pacifist aggression as the arbiter to directly opposite ideas, you are ready to begin. The Twelve Disciplines are first learned through hand to hand combat. The first six are devoted entirely to defense, the later six are devoted to offence. Though you are taught to inflict physical harm on another, the end goal in any conflict is always the same, to disarm and disable. In any violent situation you take the role of educator. Anyone ignorant enough to attempt to harm you or those in your realm are not enemies, but merely untrained allies in desperate need of learning. You are the Rabbi, they are the pupil. Beating them senseless solves nothing. Defeating them completely proves you the master and they the ignorant.

Once the first six disciplines have been mastered the following six will teach you attacks that will defeat any opponent. Performed swiftly and with purpose they are a righteous arsenal designed to unbalance, confound, and defeat a foe swiftly and surely. All forms borrow from martial arts created over thousands of years, and in the six offensive disciplines they are adopted and defined as means of controlling any situation to it’s utmost.

When all twelve disciplines have been mastered you are called a brother or sister. Learned in the Disciplines of Pacifist Aggression you will be peerless. In all the world you will be a unique warrior trained in a singular style that has never been known. You will know no fear and act without hesitation, knowing that your power is supreme, and your cause just.

The final step in your complete mastery of the Twelve Disciplines will be to learn the divine forms of the sword. Two swords will provide you a mastery of swordplay, and command of the world’s most ancient weapon. There is a singular wonder to the sword. It is simply an edge and it’s only function is to divide. The Masters of the Sword have defined history and when wielded in the hands of a Master of the Twelve Disciplines a sword becomes more than a tool for dealing death, and rather a tool to serve peace. Blind Justice wields a sword and when you have finished your training you will be her sibling and an agent for her cause throughout the world.

The 12 Apocryphal Disciplines of Pacifist Aggression.

1. Philip’s Pardon.

2. Bartholomew’s Immovable Weight.

3. Peter Walks on Water.

4. Andrew’s Cross.

5. John the Fisher Baptizes

6. James’ Greater Thunder

7. James’ Just Tutelage

8. Matthew’s Collection.

9. Thomas Takes the Palm

10. Thaddeus‘ Lost Cause.

11. Simon’s Zealous Strike.

12. Judas’ Betraying Kiss


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