The #MeanTweetElon Declaration

Inasmuch as any person born in the United States of America is bound to defend and uphold the Constitution against enemies foreign and domestic, this Declaration and Compact seeks to protect our nation and our citizenry from potential catastrophe. 

Social media is an evolving technology and as such government has not adequately regulated it. 

Social media and the reckless use thereof presents a clear and present danger to our national discourse and defense. 

To this end, we set out our complaints and terms against Elon Musk, CEO of Twitter.

This compact includes the following offenses:

Whereby the individual suppressed the first amendment right to free speech,
Whereby the individual consistently demonstrates a failure of moral judgement,
Whereby the individual utilizes inhumane and unsustainable business practices,
Whereby the individual is under investigation for illegal business practices,
Whereby the individual conspires with and promotes foreign adversaries,
Whereby the individual continues to promote and monetize lies, misinformation, and conspiracy,

We the people deem it necessary and right to make a unified stand against these offenses by persistent and consistent tweeting of a mean and nasty nature towards Elon Musk. 

These Mean Tweets shall constitute our petition urging this individual first to quit Twitter,

Then to institute a publicly instituted and regulated moderation policy, 

Then to resign the position of CEO, 

We commit ourselves to honor and abide by our articles of engagement, as follows:

Article 1. No use of threats, hate, or terroristic speech.
Article 2. No impugning or slandering of family in unrelated matters.
Article 3. No use of lies, misinformation, or disinformation.
Article 4. No use of ethnic, racial, transphobic, ableist, or homophobic slurs.
Article 5. Upon the satisfaction of these terms, this compact shall dissolve.

Until such a time as he is permanently removed from Twitter and a fair and reasonable moderation policy is instituted we the people shall Mean Tweet Elon. 


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