A Rolling Insurrection

Now we see how a relatively small but committed collective of 20 within a group of 435 can effectively hold the nation hostage to their demands. We have placed the very reins of our nation into the hands of insurrectionists, conspirators, frauds, and fiends. On this very night they barter our freedoms to and fro. Who gets to marry who and just how many genders are there. Who gets the guns and who gets the healthcare. What defines speech and who can own it. What were whispers collecting are becoming a chorus echoing in rounds; we live in a broken nation. A land in distress. For too long we have watched as the nation we were promised was sold out of our hands.

We were left to wander in the rubble. Among the survivors. Now we know the truth. The conspiracy is of our own making. We allowed it to happen. In some deep primal place within ourselves, each of us was willing to accept the lie for what it was, and allow it to grow and thrive. We allowed the floorboards to rot within our divided house and together we will fall.

The last straw. The final piece of the plan. That of a revolution. From a revolution to a civil war. When the people can no longer cope with a leadership that has lost sight of its original mission. So the people can no longer abide such a leadership they will remove it from power. They will tear it out. A revolution of the political, a political revolution of the social, a social revolution of the cultural and the final civil war. This war of revolution was in fact long ago. It began long ago. It began when the people let the government become something separate from them.

The people’s rightful position, as the only natural right within a human community, is to hold the reins of the government; therefore this revolution will be of the people.

The people are not the government. We are human beings. Our rights are inherent, not granted. The founders never would have allowed the present situation to get to this point in history. What is our duty? We are to keep our government restrained in each and every action. We do not live in a state of war. Our forefathers were not murderers. They were just. A government can have an agenda, but it is not the state of war and thus the people can not use force to alter the course of the government. This is our sacred duty.

The United States needs to understand how and why we have come to be in our present position. This is of the utmost importance. We must remember that each moment brings us closer to our present state. We have built a nation in which all people are being stripped of their dignity, their dreams, and their lives. We must remember to what our nation has become. We must make a stand for the future of our country. We must demand our freedom back and freedom cannot exist without equal justice.

We can be better than this. We must be better than this. We are capable of better than this. The world is watching us. We must make better leaders of ourselves and to others. We must become better people. We must remember and demand our country back. This revolution must begin within each and every one of us.

A new way of life. A new standard. These are needed in order to make a way forward. We must stop. We must stop this madness. The government has become too powerful. It must be rolled back and for what it’s worth, we must work together. We are not alone. We are a united front. We are part of a greater collective. We are more powerful than our current state. We must remember who we are. We must remember that we are part of a greater social collective. We must stand together as a common goal. We must make a stand for our future.

We must speak up.

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