Onward Digital Soldier

 Onward, digital soldier, marching as to troll,

With the cross of technology ever before.

Follow now in the steps of our king,

And fight the good fight with a mouse and a ring.

At the sign of progress and advancement we'll strive,

To push the boundaries and all stay alive,

In the race to the top, we'll never retire,

For our cause is just, our code never to expire.

Like a mighty army moves the Church of the Web,

Frens, we are treading where angels fear to tread.

We will work and we will fight,

With all your might and with all our might.

Onward then, ye peoples,

Onward to our goal,

Marching as to troll,

With the cross of technology,

The cross of technology.

With heads uncovered,

Flowing freely in the breeze,

We'll keep our eyes fixed on the prize,

And onward we'll go with ease.

In the name of the Cloud,

And the power of the Net,

We'll fight the good fight,

And we'll never forget,

That we're soldiers, digital soldiers,

Onward to victory!


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