Eventually someone will write back. I think it's policy.

To: Department Of Defense Higher-Ups
From: Jeremiah T. Liend
cc. The President

I was trying to get hold of the Navy regarding my ideas for inflatable sails. Put simply, it is the answer to a completely fuel independent Super-Vessel. It would be the terror of the seas. No one is willing to listen to my ideas because they believe me mad. The President has yet to respond to my prior e-mails. But truly, if you would simply listen to me, we could defend this country much more effectively and economically. Please respond to this with the address provided, as I am rarely home. All the best on the war on terror. I await your queries with anticipation and hope.

Warmest Regards,

Jeremiah T. Liend


Duke said…
And so it begins…
Hey Elvis got an audience with Nixon and was even given a badge “appointing” him an agent of the BNDD. So, uh, yeah, try that. First step: King of Rock n’ Roll. Second Step: Presidential audience.

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