How to Destroy Wal-Mart.

To really succesfully collapse Wal-Mart there must be a workers revolution. A non-violent siege that goes well beyond a strike. Non-Perishable food stuffs must be used to block all entrances to the store and the rebel associates must live off the remaining foodstuffs. Placed on a 2000 calorie diet and with enough fresh water the renegades, barring any sort of military incursion, could survive for a very long and relatively pleasant time. Millions of dollars would be lost to the store itself, the nation would sypathise with the workers plight, and Wal-Mart would be forced to re-evaluate the plausibilty of a total corporate collapse. May work. Have to try it out I guess.


Duke said…
I’m fairly certain there are self destruct buttons in Wal-Marts. The rebel stronghold is instantly razzed at the push of a button and 100 yards away, a new SUPER Wal-Mart pops out of the ground. They’re ready for such measures. If nothing else, I bet they have a Bat-Phone type direct link to the military who are at their beck and call. At least the National Guard which means you won’t get shot, but you’ll hear a lot of helicopters and probably see some sandbags.

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