Taking over the greenparty.

Initiated by being thrown (naked) into some sort of 'Fiery Circle of Death' or...how many infusions from the spiritual colon-bong you must suffer before they'll allow you into the meetings. Dark, feral rituals of naturally-dressed people talking about things 90% of American's skim over in National Geographic. Most bitch about the weather.
"It's so hot!!"
"Oh I know. I can barely wear my llama's wool sweater socks."
"Peruvian Llama's wool?"
"Only the finest. I shore the sheep myself"
"Let's eat a piece of fruit together some time."
Is it just being more charismatic than the majority of the people these political renegades send to their political slaughter? You can't tell me they're not rich. Anyone in the green party has the wherewithal to keep themselves in compost and...oh hell. New plan. I take over the Republican party by wearing a toga to the house floor and decrying the stench of the dead-pits to the east of the city.
"We need more quick-lye on the slave-corpses! And I for one will not sit in my Aerie while smelling those foul, plague infested horsemen for one more night! My Tit-Swallow is black from the soot!"
The Democrats are all cowards. I don't want to hang out with them.


Duke said…
“…when the drugs began to take hold.”

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