I Solved the Energy Crisis.

Artesian Wells. Keith told me about them, I looked it up and I begged the question. If I sunk a hose to the bottom of deepest sea would water erupt out of the other end? And if it did, we used a turbine to produce electricity, would we have power forever? It's like a power dam without the need for a river.


QP Quaddle said…
So...if I sunk a hose to the bottom of the sea, I would only have created the worlds largest straw?
Warchief said…
Indeed - and there is great pride to be had in that.

Especially if it's a bendy straw.
Duke said…
I’m still hoping there can be a solution that involves human beings contributing to energy supply. Gyms with machines hooked up to some sort of energy storing device. Work out hard and help with both the countries obesity problem AND energy crisis. Store the most energy, get a tax break! Or a free Big Gulp.

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