Happy 6-6-6

Man. June. Where did my life go? End of the month I'm over the hill. Acording to the deathclock I'm at the halfway point. I am a 25 year old that's simultaneously balding and greying. I have a cyst. I will admit that I am far more physically capable than many of my peers...but certainly no longer at my peak. Unmarried. Lashed to a retail job that requires none of my intelligence and all of my patience. Adored by a select and wonderfull few, but neither famous, nor infamous. Poor. Well...not poor really...but certainly not financially comfortable. Yet I can't help but feel that something great is impending. Maybe it's just delusional hope, but I have an inexorable sense that everything I am experiencing is leading me somewhere grand. The visions of my future are returning to me. Fantastic visions I tell you. Despite my tragic shortfallings and squandered opportunities, I must greet my future with a desperate sense of impending joy. We'll see though. The B-Day is closing.


Chaos Cowboy said…
I was honestly aware of this, and I was hoping we could celebrate a little early, while I'm in town. Maybe a wrap/birthday bash?

There will be hallucinogens aplenty.

Welcome to old age. You better hope you're looking old beyond your years, because Soren is supposed to be at least in his late thirties.
Warchief said…
I don't know that I will be in Bemidji anytime soon. And, considering how well my brain is at remembering such things (either I remember exactly when someone's birthday is, or I will never remember - nothing in-between), it's likely I will forget between now and then.

So....that being said:
Happy Birthday!

- please view this on the appropriate day and try to delude yourself into believing that Lars is capable of remembering such things. The hallucinogens may help with that.
QP Quaddle said…
June 21 Motherfuckers. First day of summer, longest day of the year.
QP Quaddle said…
No B-Day Party. No hallucinagens. Phil though. I got that at least. And some kick ass footage...I hope.
Duke said…
And we’re back up! B-OING!

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