Jim Jordan Wrestling Young Boys Into Submission


U.S. Congressman Jim Jordan is a very busy person. As the ranking minority member of the House Judiciary Committee he represents our interests at the highest levels of the legislative branch. As the ranking minority member of the House Oversight Committee he bears the terrible responsibility of ensuring our government remains a stable and functioning system. As a weird looking little guy who refuses to wear a suit coat he enjoys wrestling unwilling young boys into submission. He was also a wrestling coach.  During which time he enabled and ignored the repeated sexual abuses of several of the boys he coached. Despite this (somehow) he remains a highly regarded and respected member of the GOP not to mention Donald J. Trump's secret boyfriend (see "Q Report; Donald and Jim ∞"). 

The Republican Party Is A Cult.

In recent years the Republican Party has had a disturbing tendency to embrace a bizarre and disturbing "Cult of Personality" like no other party in history. This cult centers around a strange, overweight, little guy who was born with a "small penis" (see "Q Report; Donald and Jim ∞"). This person has a lot of weird and strange ideas and the GOP loves him very much. As we all know this Trump is a big fan of war and is a firm believer in the idea that the U.S. is best served by the continual bombing of foreign lands and the incarceration of foreign workers. However Trump’s greatest contribution to the GOP remains his repeated insistence that President Obama was not born in the United States and is ineligible to hold office.

The Republican Party is Racist.

The Republican Party has always prided itself as being very non-racist. In fact when the GOP is caught promoting bigotry it is always someone outside the party that is to blame. As such, Republicans never think anything bad about racists. As a result, for decades the GOP has had its own special racists such as George Wallace and David Duke and they have a great time attacking President Obama, other Democrats, and Black people in general. 

Donald Trump Is Not a Republican and He Never Was. 

Donald Trump was never a Republican. While Trump claims to be a Republican, his voting record (he never votes for anything) proves this not to be the case. Trump, instead, is a big time Democrat who claims to be a Republican only because it's what's in at the time and what's trending. He is a man who is always quick to claim credit for a good or a bad thing that he has nothing to do with and that he is only saying such things because it is politically convenient. In fact, Trump's main claim to fame as a person is that he likes to make lots of money and he's really good at it.

The Democrats are Not a Party of Racist White Women.

The entire idea that the Democratic Party is a party dominated by racist white women has always been an invention of the Republican Party. As such, this is the worst kind of accusation you can make about anyone and anyone who makes such an accusation is clearly racist. Republicans have been attacking Democrats and claiming that Democrats are only concerned with the rights of Black people and that Democratic presidents are, in fact, a bunch of racists who don't believe in equal rights for Black people. As we know this is, of course, completely untrue and anyone who says otherwise is a racist.

One of the most popular accusations that the Republican Party has been launching against the current administration and those Democrats who support it is the claim that they are not patriotic Americans and that their loyalty is to some ideology other than the interests of the United States. It is no coincidence that this accusation came to prominence during the Bush/Cheney administration.
A great example of this charge is the now infamous "Manchurian Candidate" speech delivered by then vice-president Cheney in the first term of the Bush administration:

There was a fundamental disconnect between the policy makers in the White House and the people in the streets. There's one set of policies that we're told are based on what people in the streets want, and it's just not true. 

There was a disconnect, it was reflected in the public polls. People on the street aren't as interested as we are in some of the new issues like social security privatization or prescription drug benefits, or in going after terrorists around the world. They have a more immediate problem. They are concerned about their jobs, or the lack of them, or the lack of a future for their children, or they may have lost their jobs as a result of decisions being made by somebody in this town who's a Democrat.
So it's not really surprising to me that the people in this town, the policy makers in the White House don't always connect with the people in the street. The people in the street are a lot more focused on immediate bread and butter issues than they are on trying to figure out what the impact of the federal budget is going to be in the next ten years.

This line of argument suggests that the administration is not actually loyal to the United States and that they are merely using their positions in the government to advance the cause of some ideology not in the interests of America but in the interests of some other group.

Another aspect of Republican strategy is a long-term effort to shift the political debate to social issues that tend to play well in the South and in small towns in Middle America. This was the subject of an answer by a QAnon user in a related question:

I am working to shift the Overton Window so that it's not considered partisan to express support for these policies that many consider extreme.

In addition to all that has been mentioned about the Southern Strategy in terms of the use of words like Democrat and Republican, it's also worthwhile to look at how the Republicans started to gain traction in this strategy. When LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act, it opened up those regions of the country to Republicans. Those states had been a solid Democratic voting bloc (much like the Southern part of our country now), but as Republicans started to court those voters with dog-whistle type comments about the moral degradation of these policies, more and more switched to the Republican party. By 1980, you see a massive switch in these blue states to the Democrats. 
One of the other big moves the Republicans made was to start to "take the Black vote for granted." 

This means that you simply expect Blacks to vote Democrat without getting too worked up about what policies may be in favor for their group or any other group. In today's world, you might say, "Don't worry, Democrats will take care of you." And so Republicans simply expected Blacks to vote Democrat. This was a fundamental shift from the way Republicans acted in the 50's through the 70's.
Democrats have been fighting this for decades, but Republicans have been getting more extreme and making it harder for the Democrats to appeal to the entire community. The reason being, I believe, is because there is still some racism in America and the far-right is simply capitalizing on this.

This is another angle from which you can understand how the media is not the enemy. The media is just the people's source of information. It is the community's source of information. And so, if the community is getting information from a less-than-useful source, then it is because the Democrats are not serving the interests of the community or the culture of the community.

As mentioned above, the Republican Party has traditionally done better in the south and among whites. One of the reasons is the "Southern Strategy" as mentioned earlier. It was the Republicans who were the first to use the term "Northern Conservative," which led to the identification of a "Bible Belt" in the south. The "Dog Whistle" was another way they gained ground, particularly in the South. It was particularly effective in the late 60s and early 70s, as demonstrated by the following map of the United States:

The term is attributed to United States Congressman Hamilton Fish, Jr., who in 1970, explained: "In these modern times, it is difficult for any Republican to be right of center, to use the dog-bites-man terminology. The public, however, remains, as they always have been, conservative, and they expect conservative spokesmen to be conservative."

Hamilton Fish Jr. was also by all accounts a massive douche canoe. 

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