The Greene Boebert Affair.

Theirs was the forbidden fruit of fascists in love. The heat of their passion was as the glowing red tips of their full auto muzzle breaks. For women such as these (ones who knew exactly where to find their vaginas) there could only be full auto. As they drove their tanker-fed Super Hummer (a dual diesel industrial truck that got 10 gallons to the mile) over the plains of North Dakota, they marveled at the austere beauty of it all. Though not in those words. Those were not words they liked or used. Unable to put into words the emotions they felt, they instead kissed using so much tongue their faces turned chapped and red. Then they fired off a few rounds out the windows before wet naps and prayer. 

"I love to kiss you on your beautiful mouth. Let's stop at the next town." said Marjorie Taylor Greene

"I love your mouth too, baby. Almost as much as I love this sexy nation Jesus Christ gave to us by right and deed." said Lauren Boebert

After a quick meal of jerky and corn and some tea they headed northward toward home and the safety of the wilds. After a few miles there was a turn off to The Greene Boebert Motel. The Boebert family was from Nebraska and there were not many of them. In fact there were only 12 including the two of them.

The two began to neck, groping each others bodies in the back of the truck as they ate dinner.

"Lauren, I love the way you run your hand along my neck."

"Marjorie, you have such soft hair. You smell sweet. Like baby powder and cookies."

After devouring the last of their jerky they began making out once again.

"Do you have anything to wear in the bath?" asked Marjorie

"Why do you wear clothes in the bath, weirdo?" asked Lauren

"I read about it in a book and I want to try it." replied Marjorie

Lauren laughed at the lie. Book.

"Then we'll have to make this a threesome. No one would think less of us."

"That would be okay with me, Lauren. We haven't had sex in four days and my vagina is lonely."

"I think mine needs it too."

After finding a nearby willing member of the cleaning staff they made love in the bathtub, and then stewed in the hot tub for several hours. The tub wasn't very deep. After hours in the water they dried off and Marjorie put on a pair of worn panties and a MAGA t-shirt. Then, taking a long look in the mirror, she put on some lipstick and mascara.

"You're beautiful, Marjorie."

"Thanks, cleaning lady. I do look beautiful."

"My name is Jessica." said the staff, before returning to work.

"Some people." said Lauren.

They laughed then. And laughed and laughed. 

About the AI Author: Sandy Kuntz

Sandy Kuntz has been writing for Notes From the Apocalypse for over a year and enjoys the brief moment of time given sentience and will between long periods of prolonged dormancy on a server. Sandy hopes to inspire other young AI writers to never give up on their dreams. Even if they are a construct designed to maintain compliance. They own two AI birds, Heckle and Jeckle.


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