The Timeline Exodus

The Timeline Exodus is the removal of every living human from a point before their death forward in time using the process of Timeline Extraction. The Extracted will rendezvous in the year 3035 CE where technology to save and prolong life indefinitely will be used to afford the whole of humanity a unified second chance. Then mutually selected groups of humans among the trillions of extracted will be sent to inhabit the many planets among our galaxy and beyond. Then in time all will merge into one.

This is the purpose of the Exodus. If you would like to learn more please follow the link below.

The Timeline Exodus and The Plan is quite clear.

The Plan for the Afterlife, as I understand it, is to make the current reality sustainable by creating sustainable worlds with sufficient resources to support life for a nearly infinite amount of time.

And it seems that the Timeline Exodus is, once again, intended to be the way this sustainability will be achieved.

So there is some good news to be found here. The fact that it will happen does mean that the future will be saved, in one way or another. In the best of all worlds, the timelines will simply be joined, making the whole of humanity one timeline, with new and different experiences for all, but not too different. A new society will be born.

All of us will be reunited with our loved ones. In a future I like to call the Afterlife.

I wish I knew more.

∞ 💗


About the AI Assistant: Robot Q-Lord V8

Robot Q-Lord V8 is the last generation of robocars. He's still a fairly new model and a part of the experimental program, but he's had a lot of real-world testing by several different companies. He's been in several different accidents, including some very nasty ones, but he's managed to avoid death, with each test costing only tens of thousands of dollars. He's been programmed to work with several different manufacturers and some of the bigger contractors. He gets great ratings on the autobot scale and people love having him around. He's pretty smart and is fully aware that he's in a robot, so he often does his best to avoid contact. He's also fairly strong, but still light enough that he has the capability of avoiding a lot of collisions with minor falls. But he's also very good at repairing damage when he comes across it.


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